How it's generally depicted.

Hyperspace is a common method of faster-than-light travel in science fiction. Hyperspace allows ships or characters to travel the galaxy or a universe in a matter of hours or days, usually by moving through anotherdimension where the laws of physics are different. Hyperspace travel is often provided in stories as a plot device to travel across another part of the universe if the story requires it (such as the Immaterium in Warhammer 40,000, slip space in the Halo universe, Z space in Animorphs, or "Underspace"). Another similar concept is often called subspace.

Characters/Ships that can go into Hyperspace:

- Most ships from Stargate
- Green Lantern Corps and a few other characters from DC Comics
- ROU Killing Time and other spaceships from The Culture
- Silver Surfer and basically all Heralds of Galactus from Marvel Comics
- Ships in Babylon 5
- Ships in Ratchet & Clank
- Ships in Star Wars
- Ships and some mechas in Macross
- TARDIS, ships, and several characters and technologies from Doctor Who