There will be peace in the dark  


Name: Overlord, Dark Lord, Golden Master, Crystal King
Origin: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Gender: Genderless, appears male
Classification: Dark Spirit, Embodiment of Darkness
Age: At least thousands of years old
Powers and Abilities: Matter manipulation (created an 'indestructible' stone army), possession, incorporeality (is a spirit without a body, requires a physical vessel to make use of his full power), energy blasts, levitation / flight, mind control (turned the citizens of Ninjago into corrupted slaves twice), transformation, darkness manipulation (is the embodiment of evil), immortality (type 4, cannot be permanently destroyed as long as the forces of good/light exist, will always return in a new form after significant darkness and hatred has built up over time) | resurrection (brought Harumi back to life in order to facilitate his rebirth as the Crystal King), telekinesis, crystal manipulation
Weaknesses: Significant light / purification powers, reliance on a physical form to make use of his full abilities, trapped in the digiverse in virus form, 'Golden Power' as a Dragon
Destructive Capacity: Continent level with a body (stated to be equal in power to the First Spinjitzu Master, a character that created the island of Ninjago and later split it in half in order to seal away the Overlord and preserve the balance)
Durability: Continent level
Lifting Strength: Class T (levitated a mountain that contained the oni temple upon being revived in his Crystal King form)
Striking Strength: Continent level
Stamina: Infinite (does not grow tired and can fight endlessly)
Standard Equipment: Helmet of Shadows, Garmatron | Golden Armor, Overlord Mech | Crystal King Temple (he can levitate and weaponize the mountain as a mobile fortress)
Intelligence: Very High, appeared to be very wise due to his abstract existence
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Overlord Spirit (S2)



Overlord (Possessing Garmadon)



Overlord Dragon


Digital Overlord



Golden Master



Overlord Spirit (Crystallized)



Crystal King



Crystal King (Centaur)


Key: Legacy of the Green Ninja | Rebooted Crystallized