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Summoning refers to the ability to call other beings/entities into battle to help you. Summoning does not normally count as getting reinforcements, so it is still allowed even in a one - on - one battle (unless otherwise specified by the OP). However, characters are only allowed to summon beings that they have shown to be capable of summoning, or if there is very strong evidence they could summon such beings.

Often summoning requires some sort of ritual, which takes a significant amount of time, making it a liability in battle.

Examples of characters who can summon other beings:

- Many Naruto characters can summon various creatures, from talking dogs and frogs to giant monsters that breathe fire and shoot water bullets.
- Warcraft spellcasters can summon various monsters, spirits, elementals, etc.
- Final Fantasy characters are notable for this, many of their most powerful attacks are in the form of summons.
- Pokemon can be considered a form of summoning.
- Bastard!! characters often use summoning magic.
- In Dragon Ball, the Eternal Dragon can be summoned by gathering the Dragon Balls, but this is not a fighting technique.
- In Inuyasha and Kekkaishi summoning thousands of fodder demons is very common.
- Fairy Tail features the summoning of "stellar spirits".
- FLCL has what some would consider a form of summoning, via opening portals in someone's forehead.
- Lots of the magic in Slayers consists of summoning, including what is perhaps the ultimate summon, the Giga Slave (which summons the Lord of Nightmares).
- Eastern magic style from Negima allows them to summon various magical creatures such as demons, dragons, and monsters. Partners can also be summoned using their Pactio cards.
- Chaos Sorcerers in Warhammer 40,000 are capable of summoning daemons (sometimes in the form of possession)
- The magic duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! can be considered a form of summoning, they can also summon monsters that are sealed from the stone tablets.
- Many characters from DC and Marvel Comics (mainly magicians and sorcerors), can summon various demons, gods, and cosmic entities to do their bidding, or lend them their power.
- In Bionicle, Kongu can summon animals. The weakness to this ability is that he can't control them.
- Armored Riders in Kamen Rider Gaim can summon Inves' from Lockseeds to fight for them but loses control if they drop their lockseeds.