Overt-Kill OBD


Name: Overt-Kill/Nicholas Rocca
Origin: Image Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Mob enforcer/Cyborg
Age: Unkown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, various high - tech weapons and devices, technopathy, and superhuman senses
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Building level+
Range: Average human melee range, can reach several hundred meters with his mounted rockets
Speed: Superhuman
Durability: Small building level+
Strength: 50 tons+
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Armor piercing guns, sound amplifier, thermal vision goggles, mounted rockets, and laser cannons
Intelligence: Was a mob enforcer before he was a cyborg, was created by Don Tony Twist to kill Spawn. Is deadly in combat, and is smart enough to interface with and control various technology.
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