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Name: Power
Origin: Chainsaw Man
Gender: Female
Classification: Human Blood Fiend | Blood Devil
Age: As old as humanity's fear of blood
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, stamina, Blood Manipulation (can freely manipulate blood and create numerous weapons with it) Enhanced Senses (can smell blood from afar) Regeneration (high-mid, via blood consumption) Inmortality (type 3 and 5) [Devils who are "killed" in the Human World merely return to Hell and viceversa] can regenerate faster and grow stronger the more blood she consumes and the more people fear her and blood, can delay regenerative powers with her blood, resistance to Transmutation (Devils and Fiends are inmune to the effects of the Doll Devil) | Resistance to Mind Manipulation (resisted Makima's Control) can grant people abilities via Contracts
Weaknesses: Kinda dumb, can become anemic if she uses up too much blood, developed a temporary fear for the Darkness Devil
Destructive Capacity: At least small building level+ (can easily kill giant Devils) likely higher (could defeat the Zombie Devil after training) | At least multi-city block level+ (held her own against Makima and her Hybrids for a while)
Range: Human melee range, dozens of meters with her blood weapons
Speed: At least subsonic (can blitz regular humans) | Hypersonic with massively hypersonic reactions/attack speed
Durability: At least small building level+ | At least multi-city block level+
Lifting Strength: SuperhumanClass 5
Striking Strength: 
Class MJClass GJ+
Stamina: Superhuman (can theorically fight indefinitely provided there's enough blood to consume)
Standard Equipment: The public safety suit
Intelligence: Below average
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Blood Manipulation: Power can freely manipulate the blood in her body to form weapons.[28] She can also manipulate other people's blood through direct contact and is able to prevent them from bleeding out though she acknowledges that it is difficult.[29] Power can also distort her target's regenerative abilities by mixing her own blood.
    • Blood Hammer: Power can create an enormous hammer out of her own blood which she uses to crush her opponents.[28] She can also make smaller handheld versions.[30]
    • Blood Knife: Power can create knives out of her blood to stab or slice her targets.[31] She is also proficient in dual-wielding these.[32]
    • Blood Spear: Power can create a spear out of her own blood and uses it to stab at her target. By placing her blood in bottles and hiding them in the area as traps she can make spears suddenly appear from the environment to take her opponent off-guard.[33]
    • Blood Scythe: Power can create a scythe out of her blood which she uses to slice her targets.[34]
    • Thousand Tera Blood Rain (サウザンドテラブラッドレイン Sauzando Tera Buraddo Rein?): In her Full Devil form, Power can generate thousands of blood swords and spears from the blood surrounding herself, levitate and throw them to her enemies. She can use this technique several times. This technique is strong enough to halt Makima for a couple of seconds.
    • Blood Transfer: Through a contract, Power can transfer her blood and life energy to someone, similar to Pochita's ability to assimilate Denji's body. It was enough to completely heal the critically damaged Chainsaw Man's body.
  • Blood Empowerment: As a Fiend, Power is able to restore her health by consuming blood.[35] Also as the Blood Devil, her regenerative powers are at a higher level than other Devils. When Power drinks too much blood or drinks blood from a stronger Devil then her, her power drastically increases. It is shown that she sprouts additional horns from her head after drinking too much blood.[4] In this state, a single punch from Power has enough force to launch Denji into the ceiling.[36] She can regenerate herself from small amounts of blood even after her death by consuming the blood of the stronger Devil. After the defeat of the Chainsaw Man at the hands of Makima, Pochita exploited this ability by letting the blood of her inside Denji's body consume itself. After drinking blood of the Chainsaw Man, Power revived as a Devil from the small amount of blood that Denji have consumed. Her speed, strength, durability and blood manipulation abilities have been increased dramatically. After her transformation, she is also able to resist Makima's domination powers.

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Key: Base Blood Devil