The queen of the simps

Name: Makima, Control/Conquest Devil
Origin: Chainsaw Man
Gender: Female
Classification: Primal Fear Devil, Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Age: Presumably at least hundreds of thousands of years old (as old as humanity's fear of control)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, stamina, Regeneration (high-mid, via blood consumption) Levitation, Enhanced Senses (can discern people and wether they are humans or Devils based on scent alone. Could spot the Gun Devil from 500 kilometers away) Mind Manipulation (can control those she deems to be lesser than her, rewrite their memories and gain access to their abilities. Her reincarnation, Nayuta, could also alter the perception of a Devil's sense of taste) Telepathy, Telekinesis (can shoot an invisible concussive force at her enemies) Resurrection, Inmortality (types 1, 5 and 6) [has made a contract with the Prime Minister so that any attack to her is transfered as an illness or an accident to a random Japanese citizen. Devils who are "killed" in the Human World merely return to Hell and viceversa.] Summoning (can summon those she controls) BFR (can summon portals) Teleportation (can transport herself by using animals like a pack of rats as a medium) Sealing (via the Snake Devil, works on Intangible beings like the Ghost Devil) Instant Death Hax (the Curse Devil instantly kills those it's user has pierced 3 times. Can make people blow up by sacrificing another person in an extended ritual) Precognition (can see the future via the Future Devil) can turn people into zombies via the Zombie Devil, can use the Angel Devil to absorb people's lifespans and create different weapons out of them, Fire Manipulation via the Flamethrower Hybrid, can damage Intangible beings via the Katana Man, pseudo-flight via the Bomb Devil (she could use explosions to propel herself) resistance to Mind Manipulation (retained memories of beings erased from existence by Pochita) and Transmutation (Devils can resist the effects of the Doll Devil, which turns anything it touches into a mindless doll) master manipulator, master martial artist (could fight "hand to hand" with Denji), can gain access to more abilities depending on who she's controlling, can grow stronger the more people fear her, can bestow people power via Contracts
Weaknesses: has an habit of tanking attacks due to her inmortality, the later which can be bypassed by attacking her without a violent intent. Doesn't bother remembering the appearence of those she deems lesser than her. Devils can grow weaker if people stop fearing the concept they're based on
Destructive Capacity: At least large building level+ physically (can trade blows with Chainsawman), multi city block level+ via different attacks (far stronger than the Gun Devil) likely much higher (the Falling Devil altered earth's gravity, causing earthquakes and landslides around the world and dealing extensive damage to countries)
Range: Standard melee range, hundreds of kilometers with her powers (sent Pochita into outer space in a few attacks) likely much higher with Angel Devil's powers (seemingly opened a portal into outer space)
Speed: Hypersonic with massively hypersonic+ reactions/attack speed (can easily keep up with the Gun Devil)
Durability: At least large building level+ 
Lifting Strength: Class 5 (comparable to Chainsawman) Class M via her powers (should be far stronger than Falling Devil, who could lift multi-story buildings with her gravity)
Striking Strength: 
Class MJ+
Stamina: Superhuman (can theorically fight indefinitely provided she has enough blood to consume due to her Devil nature)
Standard Equipment: Her intangible chains, the Public Safety suit
Intelligence: Genius (is a master manipulator, has presumably lived for as long as humanity has feared control, has years of experience leading the Public Safety organization)
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Control (はい Shihai?): As Makima embodies the fear of control or conquest/domination, her core ability reflects this nature. Besides her Machiavellian tendencies, Makima holds the power to directly control her inferiors, stating as follows: "I have the power to control those I consider to be of lesser rank than myself." (私は自分より程度が低いと思う者を支配できる力があります Watashi wa jibun yori teido ga hikui to omou mono o shihai dekiru chikara ga arimasu?).[2] This "brainwashing" ability works on any being — from humans to animals, to Devils, to Fiends, to Hybrids, and she was not shown to have a limit to the number of subjects she can keep under control at once. It seems as though once placed under her control, a victim subsequently loses their memory of anything that happened immediately before they put under control, and of anything they did while being controlled.
    • Makima can channel the power of her victims by summoning them through chains connected to her body. It has been shown that she can use the abilities of the Angel DevilFuture DevilSnake DevilPunishment DevilSpider Devil, and Zombie Devil. Even deceased individuals can be controlled in this manner. Makima was able to form a squad of weapon Hybrids, three of which (Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man) were former enemies who now behaved affectionately towards her. This suggests that Makima can control individuals outright as well as warp their personalities in subtle ways. Makima's control can be broken however, as seen with Angel Devil.
    • She borrows the hearing of rats, birds and other small animals she controls to hear conversations remotely, seemingly anywhere on the planet and possibly extending into Hell itself.[3][4][5] She was able to spy on Denji and Reze's conversation and was listening in on Kishibe's conversation with Quanxi.[6] This ability can be circumvented by communicating nonverbally such as writing on a piece of paper.[3]
    • She has been shown to control a large number of rats which allow her to travel around using them. These rats can then cluster together to form the shape of a human and thus allow for Makima to be transported to that location instantly.[7] Makima is also able to summoned through Princi's zipper, which can move her from Earth to hell or wherever the Spider Devil happens to be.
    • She has demonstrated the ability to make others hear her voice by placing her hand on their head even if the person is dead.[8] She uses this to command the Devils that the person is currently contracted with.
  • Force Manipulation: Makima has been shown to offensively manipulate an invisible force in a variety of way similar to Darkness Devil. This force can be used to damage her weak targets internally by simply staring at them. Depending on the situation, she can use this power in other various way such as:
    • She has shown to cause her target to be crushed by an invisible force from over long distances. In order to use this technique, Makima appears to require a higher place such as a shrine, the name of a target and a human sacrifice. Makima forms a symbol with her hands and instructs the sacrifice whose eyes closed by a white cloth to utter the name of the target. The sacrifice then dies and target subsequently is crushed, preceded by a brief sense of "wrongness". This attack completely destroys the target's body but causes no damage to adjacent people or objects, even the target's clothes. While she is using this ability, the sacrificial people around herself are blindfolded with a cloth. She used this ability once from Kyoto to kill the goons of Sawatari's gang.
    • She has been shown to inflict damage by projecting an invisible force to targets she points at with her index finger[9] which is strong enough to heavily damage Darkness Devil, who is a Primal Devil, kill Power instantly[10] and send an empowered Chainsaw Man high into the atmosphere when she used it repetitively against him. She usually says "Bang! (バン!)" while using this ability.
    • She has been shown to remove the heads of her targets in the vicinity from a short-to-mid range by using a sword; similar to her ability to crush her targets remotely, the people around her close their eyes with a black cloth.

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