The Ace of the Navy
Name: Fate Testarossa Harlaown (originally just Fate Testarossa)
Origin: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Gender: Female
Classification: Cloned human, TSAB Captain, Enforcer, Mage
Age: 9 at the start of the series, currently 25
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility, endurance, durability (with barrier jacket), magic energy manipulation, flight, lightning magic manipulation including plasma-based attacks and weather manipulation (can call forth lightning storms), light (photon) magic manipulation, healing, matter creation, knowledgeable in various forms of combat, magic barriers (resistance to physical, magical, time-space, dimensional and environmental factors), auto shields, sealing and binding spells, auto guided spells, can dispel illusions, soul manipulation, resistant to physical possession, soulfuck, transmutation and mind control, dimensional time-sealing force field creation, teleportation including dimensional travel and BFR, can destroy pocket dimensions, passive telepathy, search and scanning, extra sensory perceptions, can sense killing intent, yuriforce wielder
Weaknesses: She loses her durability without her barrier jacket. Her durability is lessened in Sonic Drive
Destructive Capacity: At least island level+ (should be no weaker than Nanoha; has an attack comparable to Divine Buster and helped shoot through Garden of Time; Fate also stopped a Jewel Seed with her bare hands halfway through the season with said Jewel Seed being powerful enough to cause a dimensional tremor) | At least country level (contributed in creating a small country sized explosion and destroying Chrono's Eternal Coffin; also stronger than her S1 self which was able to stop a Jewel Seed and at EoS is roughly on par with the Wolkenritter) | At least continent level, likely higher (far stronger than her S1 and S2 selves)
Range: Extended human melee range with Bardiche, several kilometers with projectile attacks
Speed: Hypersonic+ (mach 61+), massively hypersonic+ (mach 530+) reactions/combat speed, can easily avoid and react to Divine Buster) | Hypersonic+, massively hypersonic+ reactions/combat speed (moved faster than Signum could see from a distance), faster with Sonic Form | Hypersonic+, massively hypersonic+ (mach 1477+, one of the fastest characters in the series, moved so fast Deville thought she was a teleporter), faster with Sonic Drive (can keep up with Tre despite being inside a powerful Anti Magilink Field)
Durability: At least island level+ (withstood Divine Buster with her round shield; also took a Jewel Seed explosion at point-blank range without much damage; stopped a Jewel Seed with her bare hands) | At least country level | At least continent level, likely much higher (much more durable than her S1 and S2 selves), magic barriers make her hard to kill
Lifting Strength: At least Class M
Striking Strength: At least Class YJ+ (was able to counter Nanoha's Flash Impact without damage, can withstand a Jewel Seed going berserk with her bare hands) | Class YJ+ (can compete with Vita and Signum in close combat, sent out a massive shockwave with a swing of Bardiche's Zanber Form) | Class YJ+ (had the upper hand against Cypha, capable of incapacitating both Tre and Sette with one hit of her Riot Zanber)
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Bardiche, magic cartridges (similar to shotgun shells)
Intelligence: Learned and developed her magical abilities much faster than normal. At seven, she had already mastered several abilities to the point of not requiring the incantations and studied how to create and handle familiars. Years of fighting experience against diverse foes.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Shield: Defends from attacks by using an opposing magical power. Uses a rebounding effect to defend with.

  • Round Shield: A basic Mid-Childan shield-type defensive spell.

- Barrier: Creates a protective film to offset attacks, allowing the user to gently stop incoming attacks. It is the most commonly used defense.

  • Protection: A basic barrier-type defensive spell of the Mid-Childan system. When used, a barrier appears around the caster, usually in the caster's magic color, and simply wards off attacks. It has higher casting speed, wider effective area and lower mana consumption than other spells, but at the cost of defensive power.

  • Defenser: A barrier-type defensive spell cast by Fate Testarossa. It is set by Fate as the Auto Guard spell. It can guard in every direction, but is not as sturdy as some other defense spells.

    • Defenser Plus: An enhanced version after Bardiche's upgrade. It is also capable of being cast over a larger area to protect more than one person, in the way similar to Circle Protection. It can also block out gases and fumes from getting into the barrier.

  • Circle Protection: A hemispheric barrier-type defensive spell. Cast in the air, it is cylinder-shaped instead of hemispheric.

- Field: A defense that blocks specific environmental effects (like temperature and so forth) within a certain area. It's commonly used with several layers of different shields and fields to reinforce the defense.

  • Thunder Arm: A magic-enhanced defensive spell cast by Fate Testarossa when she is in the position of an infighter. The shielding part is located on her left arm.

- Physical Armor: Creates strengthened material for physical protection. This does not mean that other types of defense don't defend against physical damage. Just the physical armor has no weakness to the Anti-magic effects, such as the AMF.

- Barrier Jacket: An extremely versatile and ubiquitous defensive spell that summons a magical armor protecting a mage from external harm. A Barrier Jacket is summoned when the mage activates their Device (mages who don't have a Device summon it manually) and is accompanied by a bright flash of light. Whatever normal clothes the mage is wearing at the time disappear until the Barrier Jacket is dismissed. Technically, a Barrier Jacket consists of both barriers and defensive fields (it protects the entire body with an invisible protective field). Like other field-type spells, a Barrier Jacket constantly consumes the caster's mana while active. The more defense the Jacket provides, the higher its mana consumption. A Barrier Jacket increases not only durability but also other parameters such as speed and power, so some mages develop multiple Barrier Jacket configurations and switch between them in combat depending on the situation.

  • Jacket Purge: An ultimate defensive function of Barrier Jacket. This spell "unravels" in a second all the mana used to comprise her Barrier Jacket to cause a blast. It has a significant attack power and can disrupt binding spells. However, she will be vulnerable for a few moments after purging the Jacket, and she requires mana to rebuild it.

  • Lightning Form: Is similar to Fate's original Barrier Jacket which it replaces, with more protective power and some armor plates on her shoes and left glove. The Bardiche-like jewels become rectangular plates, and the top of her stockings change shape.

  • Impulse Form: Is Fate's new standard Barrier Jacket. It sports a completely new design that holds little resemblance with any of the other variations seen until then, incorporating a coat and a white cloak.

  • Sonic Form: A lighter variation of Lightning Form. Her cloak, skirt and stockings disappear, the main body of her Barrier Jacket extends to include a pair of shorts (causing her outfit to resemble athletic gear), and the wings of Sonic Sail appear on Fate's boots and arms, greatly increasing her movement speed. However, the defence of the Barrier Jacket is weakened, so it might be fatal if she is hit by powerful spells.

    • Sonic Drive/Shin Sonic Form: The completed version of the old Sonic Form. Its appearance is similar to the old one, but without Sonic Sail. Fate's speed and offensive powers greatly increase in this form.

Fate in Shin Sonic Form with Riot Zanber Stinger

- Shooting: Spells of this type are guided (like Divine Shooter) or aimed (like Photon Lancer) at targets. It also includes the rare material accelerating spells.

  • Shoot Barret: A basic shooting-type spell learned by every mage of the Mid-Childan system. The caster merely compresses mana in the shape of a bullet, accelerates it, and sets it forth.

  • Photon Lancer: Generates small rounded cylinders of energy called "photon spheres", which can shoot themselves at the enemy. Normally only 4 bolts are launched.

    • Photon Lancer Multishot: A multiple-bolt variation of Photon Lancer. In fact, it can be seen as a consecutive-shooting variation, as each "Photon Sphere" fires and restores after another, rather than all of them firing at the same time.

    • Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift: Involves Fate summoning over photon spheres in a phalanx formation to shoot at the enemy. The finish blow is to combine the excess spheres into one, larger and longer lance-shaped Photon Lancer, with aria "Spark End".

  • Plasma Lancer: Creates multiple bolts of energy in the shape of an arrowhead and shoots them towards the enemy. Fate can stop the shots and point them in another direction if the opponent dodges. Speed and power can be boosted if a single bolt is used. Can be enhanced with Blitz Rush.

    • Plasma Barret: A shooting spell, being the guided bolt version of Plasma Lancer.

  • Arc Saber: An unusual shooting spell which can only be used while Bardiche is in Scythe Form. It consists of throwing Bardiche's compressed mana blade at the target like a boomerang.

    • Haken Saber: A spell that replaced Arc Saber after Bardiche is upgraded to Bardiche Assault. It can only be used under the Haken Form.

-Bombardment: This type denotes any aimed attack that fires a cone or stream of energy.

  • Thunder Smasher: A massive energy blast. Similar to Nanoha's Divine Buster.

    • Plasma Smasher: An enhanced version of Thunder Smasher. Unlike Thunder Smasher, it is usually cast from Fate's palm instead of from Bardiche.

    • Trident Smasher: A further development of Plasma Smasher, wherein three beams are shot simultaneously from the same firing-point, creating the visual effect of a trident's blades, equalivent to Nanoha's Exelion Buster.

    • Plasma Zanber Breaker: A powerful energy blast equalivent to Nanoha's Starlight Breaker while in Zanber form.

Plasma Zanber Breaker

- Melee: This type affects attacks that directly use the device as a weapon. Melee type spells also include energy blade type spells.

  • Scythe Slash: The nature of this spell is to strengthen the energy blade of Bardiche, and to grant it barrier-piercing ability.

    • Haken Slash: Bardiche transforms into an energy scythe for a close range slicing attack.

  • Jet Zanber: Currently Fate's ultimate melee attack. First a shockwave is thrown, then Bardiche is swung at the target. The energy blade of the Zanber grows to many times its typical size, so Fate can slash through a target that would ordinarily be out of range. Can be used as a normal melee attack without firing a shockwave or enlarging the Zanber.

  • Sprite Zanber: A melee type spelll used in Bardiche's Zanber Form, designed to destroy force fields, set traps, illusions and reactive capture spells.

Fate uses Sprite Zanber to break out of the Book of Darkness' pocket dimension

- Area-of-effect: This type categorizes all attacks that affect targets within a general area.

  • Thunder Rage: A lock-on area lightning attack.

    • Thunder Blade: A "power-up version" of Thunder Rage spell, wherein mage focuses each attack into individual swords that can detonate on the command "Break!".

  • Thunder Fall: A ceremonial spell to manipulate weather. It can be utlized as an "isolated strike" wide-area attack. In chapter 1 of the StrikerS manga, it is cast to send lightning strikes down onto a group of Gadget Drones, breaking through their AMF physically.

  • Blast Calamity: A combined spell cast simultaneously by Fate and Nanoha, using Raising Heart's Exelion Mode and Bardiche's Zanber Form. A barrel field is first generated by Raising Heart, then the Nanoha's mana is fed into Bardiche's blade. Fate uses their mana to release a blow of energy through a strike, followed by Nanoha's Buster and Fate's Smasher to fill the field.

- Magic-enhanced attack: Spells of this type enhance the attack power of the device, or expand its attack capabilities.

  • Plasma Arm: It converts mana into electricity that winds the arms, then punches to give damages.

- Bind: Spells of this type directly inhibit a target's freedom of movement and the use of action triggers by attaching themselves to them. Bind type spells may prevent movement outright, as in Restrict Lock, or contain the target's mobility, as in Chain Bind.

  • Ring Bind: A basic binding spell, in which magic rings are used to hold the target in one place.
Being a basic spell, it is rather weak but since it can be cast quickly and is pretty flexible in its application (such as locking on multiple targets or deliberately delayed activation).

  • Chain Bind: A binding spell. Unlike most other binding spells, this type does not seem to lock a target into the one spot at which it was captured, which seems to allow the caster to use the chain to pull the target towards himself or otherwise drag it into a position of his choosing. Chain Bind can additionally cut through physical objects if "pulled" hard enough.

  • Lightning Bind: A binding spell, with the unique function to increase the power of lightning spells in the nearby.

- Area force field: These force fields affect a large region, and generally are much more powerful than circle type fields. In contrast to defensive spells, force field spells apparently have more varied roles, from protecting property and civilians from collateral damage, to confining enemy magic users to a predetermined area.

  • Time-sealing force field: An area-type forcefield spell to alter the flow of time in a localized area, in order to "mask" magical effects from public view.

  • Box Field: A skyscraper-sized force field.

- Increase: Directly heals or replenishes the target.

  • Physical Heal: A basic healing spell.

- Decline: A spells of this type directly target other magic spells and attempt to deactivate them.

  • Barrier Break: A decline-type supportive spell used to break barriers

  • Dispel Force Field: A spell which Yuuno and Arf attempts to disfunction the Wolkenritter's Gefängnis der Magie isolation field.

- Transport: Spells of this type include movement enhancement spells, as well as teleportation spells.

  • Dimensional Transfer: A spell to teleport across dimensions.

  • Transporter: A teleportation spell to transport himself and/or persons in the nearby area (e.g. into orbit) whom he permits.

  • Sonic Sail: A high-mobility supportive spell. Similar to Nanoha's Flier Fin, mana wings are generated near her wrists and ankles.

  • Blitz Action: A spell to increase movement speed dramatically (if temporarily).

    • Blitz Rush: An enhanced version of the spell. It can even have effect on the speed of projectiles like Plasma Lancer.

    • Sonic Move: A development of Fate's Blitz Rush, which allows her to move at speeds. This ability is permanently active when she in under Sonic Form.

- Familiar creation formula: A set of magic spells through which mage can create a Familiar, a magical creature, based on an animal form. The familiar "shares one heart" with its creator, meaning that their lives are henceforth linked. Familiars are emphatically linked to their masters and are dependent on their magical power. The more lifelike and complex the familiar is, the greater the necessary power upkeep. The mage is also experiencing the weight of a life, of a soul. Although this is not a problem for a strong mage, but to the weak mages creating familiars can even cost them their very own life. A familiar will perish should their master die.

  • Getting of the soul: Mage creating an artificial soul from the body of an animal and continuing it through magic.

  • Creating the body: Infusing soul into a magical body sustained by the mage's mana. Technically, this can not be equated to the resurrection of the dead, as familiars in fact have a new life, new soul, leaving only a small part of its previous life.

  • Making the contract: Creating a familiar does not automatically guarantee its loyalty, though, so a familiar should normally be bound by a contract with its master. This agreement grants it a specific purpose and it will vanish or expire once this purpose is fulfilled. On the reverse side, after "signing" the contract, the mage and their familiar begin to share most of their powers, such as knowledge of magical spells.

- Sealing: A spell to seal any magic program from reacting with others. Throughout the series, it is mainly cast to render dangerous (corruptible) magical artifacts safe.

- Awareness of things: Mages can perceive what is happening around them. Due to this ability mages can control the movement of their blasts/bolts inside their "range" where they can not see them, or they can react to movements that they can not see physically.

- Multitasking: An ability of mages (often supported by their devices) to perform several tasks simultaneously or to successfully focus on a few things. Due to this ability, mages can simultaneously read several books, or effectively fight against multiple enemies.

- Search: Mages can use the search system, they can receive data about the objects that lie around them. To show the information (usually an interactive map or an image from a specific location), one or more floating displays appaear.

- Scanning: Mages can scan the area around to locate specific objects or detect stealth and illusion (the time required for discernment of the illusion depends on the complexity of the illusion/degree of protection against scanning). As well as "search" it based on scanning of the electromagnetic field.

- Telepathy: A magical ability for direct mind-to-mind communication.

- Bardiche: An Intelligent Device created for Fate Testarossa by Rinis, and is upgraded to Bardiche Assault in A's. He refers to Fate as "sir" despite her gender, signifying that he may be as old-fashioned as his namesake, and also only speaks English, although he may just be Midchildan translated into English for the viewer. His magical color is yellow.

  • Artificial intelligence: The devices have AI, generally having the ability to speak, although their coherence and verbosity depends on the sophistication of their AI. The basic function of any Device is to augment their master's magic abilities and assist them in casting spells. Since magic in the Nanoha universe is very similar to information technology, these sophisticated magical "computers" take over tasks that the human brain cannot handle efficiently enough, such as recording and reproducing the spells that the mage has cast. Because of the very close interoperation between the mage's brain and their Device, both have to be attuned to each other upon the Device's first activation, and regularly recalibrated to ensure optimal performance. Intelligent Devices are Devices that incorporate sophisticated artificial intelligence in their programming, enabling them to have some degree of autonomy.

  • Mana output regulation: In addition to computational capacities, the Device also assists and regulates the mage's mana output. Two output modes are available: "User Cross Link", wherein magical energy is constantly channeled through and stabilized by the Device, and "Direct Boost", where the mage's magic output is directly strengthened and accelerated.

  • Auto Guard: Device automatically casts defensive magic spells if the mage is under attack but cannot respond due to surprise or injury.

  • Automatic External Defibrillator: In the event of cardiac arrest of the master, the Device will preform an AED operation.

  • Cartridge system: Allows the mage to temporarily boost their Device's power output by expending "cartridges", capsules of compressed magical energy prepared in advance.

  • Storing artifacts: The ability of a Device to store sealed/inactive magical artifacts inside it for isolation.

  • Self-repairing: A repair and restoration of a damaged Device, powered by its master's mana.

  • Magic Energy Conversion: In Force, Bardiche is upgraded to an experimental "5th Generation Device", which could turn mana into physical energy to confront anti-magic effects.

  • Form Changing: Most Devices have several forms they can change to at their master's command. The two most common forms are the inactive and active state. In the inactive state, used for energy conservation, Devices appear as small objects, ranging from gems to cards. Additionally, Devices initiate an auto-repair mode (if required) when inactive, and will automatically deactivate if the damage is significant. In the active state, necessary to cast most magic, they can take a variety of forms, depending on their type and specialization, but the most common one, especially for Storage Devices, seem to be a simple staff. Some Devices can assume different active forms depending on the needs of their masters, though this seems to be reserved only for more advanced Armed and Intelligent models.

    • Standby Form: Bardiche's unactivated form, in the shape of a golden triangular gem on a pedestal.

    • Assault Form: Default "staff" form, resembling a bardiche or bearded axe with addition of a cartridge system below the head. Plasma Lancer appears to be easier to cast in this form.

    • Haken Form: Enhanced version of Scythe Form (Bardiche's axe head flips up 90 degrees and a curved blade of golden energy springs from the gap, causing the Device to resemble a scythe), with 3 smaller fin blades which give Bardiche a forked appearance. This form can use Haken Saber.

    • Zanber Form: Bardiche's blade splits in two and a spike emerges from the top of the head, forming a trident shape which becomes the hilt of an enormous energy sword. This form can use Jet Zanber, Sprite Zanber and Plasma Zanber Smasher.

    • Riot Blade: Compressed version of the Zanber Form in the size of a normal saber. Appears to have enhanced cutting power as it destroys Thread Cage with ease.

    • Riot Zanber Stinger: Takes the form of two Riot Blades connected by a string of energy at their pommels.

    • Riot Zanber Calamity: The combination of the two Riot Blades, resembling a larger Zanber Form.

    • Riot Blade II: Enhanced version of Riot Blade and Riot Zanber Stinger with a different appearance. Can take the form of a single Riot Blade, a pair of Riot Blades (without Riot Zanber Stinger's "energy string"), or a pair of Riot Blades connected at their pommels.

    • Riot Zanber II: Enhancement of Riot Zanber Calamity. This form is to have an over-spec warship/aerial-suppressing level of power.

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Amplified versions of Riot Blade and Riot Zanber

Not to be confused with a similarly named character from Mahou Sensei Negima!

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