Jackie Estacado OBD 
He's probably fathered your mom's child too


Name: Jackie Estacado
Origin: Image Comics/Top Cow Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Mafia Hitman/Boss, The Darkness
Age: 22
Powers and Abilities: Super strengthSuper strength, speed, durability, flight, enhanced endurance (can form nectoplasmic armor out of the darkness), can create constructs out of the darkness (e.g. fortresses, water and sentient life), shadow/darkness manipulation (Jackie can do this to such a high level he can even use the shadows inside a persons body to kill them internally), immortality (type 1), can create and summon different types of darkness entities to aid him in battle (e.g. his darklings, so far Jackie can summon an army of 100 million, and dragons), control over the darkness dimension, matter manipulation, regeneration (high), can form nearly anything out of nectoplasm (usually guns and swords), shapeshifting, space/time manipulation (can go anywhere he wants through shadows), can phase through solid matter, master marksman, transformation (can transform into a huge dragon), can tank heat hotter than the sun, precognition (can see what people have done throughout their lives, he can also see how they will die), can create doppelgangers (who function exactly as he does), can communicate over the shadows with his darklings, can control one of the 13 primordial forces (The Darkness), can breathe under water and in space, absorption (Jackie once absorbed a city and recreated it, he also almost absorbed his friends)
Weaknesses: Intense sunlight (Jackie is not allowed to use his powers in overly sunny conditions, it also turns anything he created into dust), is not allowed to have allowed to have a child or he will die
Destructive Capacity: Potentially planet level+ (the future Angelus destroyed earth, Jackie was her equal, Jackie's ancestors have also controlled and held stars and galaxies in place) | Potentially universe level+ (The Darkness was stated to be able to swallow all of reality)
Range: At least one planetary diameter | Universal
Speed: Hypersonic+, could possibly have FTL reactions
Durability: Planet level+ (has tanked blows from Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Superman), currently effectively exists as an abstract embodient of The Darkness
Strength: 100+ tons
Stamina: Has taken hours of punishment from the Witchblade (Sara Pezzini), he was able to crawl around with half of his body left, survived in hell for what felt like a million years
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Jackie is a top-notch mafia hitman and is a master marksman (with a preference for dual 9 mm handguns), is also a combat genius and able to take on whole gangs without the use of his powers

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Other: Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from Shadow Skill