Just a book cover but the best image I could find
Just a book cover but the best image I could find

Name: The Downstreamers
Origin: Manifold Series
Classification: Posthuman non-corporeal race
Age: Over 10^117 years, effectively infinite factoring in timefuckery
Population: Unknown
K - level: 7
Technology/Abilities: Perfect time travel, omniscience in a limited multiverse, able to create and design universes and infinite multiverses, can create megastructures massively larger than our universe, ability to alter the laws of physics at will, non-corporeal, able to make others non-corporeal, infinite computational capacity, ability to travel between universes and dimensions, ability to construct objects from molded timespace, teleportation, telepathy, quantum manipulation, many others
Weaknesses: They don't have omniscience over an infinite multiverse, they tend to build devices that function autonomously without their oversight, and these devices can break down over time or be fooled by weaker races
Industrial Capacity: Infinite
Holdings: At least one infinite multiverse, potentially higher
Notable Individuals:

Notable OBD Victories:

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Notable OBD Losses:

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Note: The Holdings of the downstreamers are speculated to be higher than listed however this is unconfirmed and based on speculative statements in series.