The Prince of Rune


Name: Kurt, Prince Kurt of Rune
Origin: Pygmalio
Gender: Male
Classification: Human God
Age: 10+
Powers and Abilities: Super strength (Kurt thrives in physical prowess), speed, durability, endurance, immunity to petrification with his golden armor (Medusa on many occaisions has attempted to turn Kurt to stone, all of which have failed), can run up walls vertically, can breathe underwater for more than 700 seconds, has a sword that can change sizes, by calling on Galatea's Amulet he can: call down a powerful blast that eradicates large areas of land, can call a powerful light that can shatter, paralyze things and heal Kurt himself or call an army of soldiers to defend him, by calling on Galatea directly Kurt can enlarge his bodytelekinesis (to call his sword to him remotely), flight
Weaknesses: In a one-time duel, Kurt is willing to sacrifice everything
Destructive Capacity: Town level (destroyed a valley), city level with Galatea's Amulet Potentially city level by virtue of size when transformed
Range: Extended human melee range, should be around several kilometers when he enlarges his sword or body or uses Galatea's Amulet
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ movement speed (can escape the Earth's atmosphere in a few seconds at most)
Durability: City level (survived, if just barely, an explosion which pulverized a huge amount of rock) 
Lifting Strength: Class T (Kurt has lifted large objects easily above 100 tons, on an occasion has pulled another side of an island to join up with a side he was on to shorten journey times)
Striking Strength: Class GJ+
Stamina: Large, on one occasion Kurt ran for 3 days straight
Standard Equipment: The Sword of the Earth (can grow and shrink), Galatea's Amulet, special golden armor, his dragon (Leon), an eyeball that can fly (Gilgadol)
Intelligence: Average human, is a skilled combatant
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

The Sword of the Earth: A legendary sword that can grow and shrink in size, the sword can grow to its true size if a chant is spoken. The chant is as follows: "In the name of the gracious Agnard, and Juliana the mother of earth, Kurt commands the Sword of Earth to return to its true form".

Galatea's Amulet: Kurt's mother's amulet, Kurt can call on this amulet to gain special abilities or aid from the goddess Galatea.

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Other: Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from Negima

Key: Base Kurt | Golden Armor Kurt