angel blades 
 Mass produced plot devices


Name: Angel blade / sword
Origin: Supernatural
Type: Long dagger (vanilla), sword (Grigori)
Powers and Abilities: A heavenly weapon made to slay celestial beings like Angels and Reapers, but also works on lesser beings like demons and hellhounds (if it hits them in a vital spot like the abdomen/head), can possibly harm an Archangel but not kill them | Can kill Archangels
Destructive Capacity: Street level (it's hax, does kill town level beings tho) | Same but can affect much stronger beings
Wielder(s): Every Angel has one, also SamDean, Crowley and Meg have used them | The four Archangels (Sans Lucifer probably)
Material or Element: Celestial metal
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None notable
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:

Angel sword: a longer variant used by Grigori Angels, it also has a guard, but otherwise has the same properties of a standard blade.

angel sword

Bullet form: as demonstrated by Crowley an Angel blade can be melted down into bullets and still retain its effectiveness. 


Key: Angel blade | Archangel blade