The guy who can smash you for fun
The guy who can smash you for fun

Name: Jukwol
Origin: Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
Gender: Male
Classification: Demon
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, regeneration, transformation, immortality, flight, doppelganger, can summon black holes
Weaknesses: Arrogant and very headstrong. He's like an older Rey
Destructive Capacity: At least universal, likely higher (one of the few who fought Anu!Shiyan; a battle which sidelined a ton of other creator gods)
Range: At least several hundreds of kilometers
Speed: MFTL
Durability: Low multiversal (tanked/endured attacks from Rey and Anu!Shiyan). Extreme temperature resistance that protected him from temperatures capable of freezing suns
Lifting Strength: Class Y (scales to Rey overpowering Queen Nafu)
Striking Strength: Class XPJ, likely Universe class
Stamina: Large
Standard Equipment: None
Intelligence: He's quite the battle genius. He's also well capable outside of battle, leading a well structured army

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Enticing Moon - A technique that restricts an opponent's movements.

- White Moon - A crescent shaped disc forms around Jukwol. He charges his entire body at the opponent while this disc still hovers around him.

- Black Moon - Forms a large oval dome around the opponent that has extreme gravity within it. Jukwol is capable of creating multiple Black Moons at once.

- Half Moon - A small ball resembling his Black Moon.

- Jade Moon - A bigger version of Half Moon.

Demon Moon - A dark orb surrounds his fist. This move appears to just amp his attack.

- Moon Eclipse - A massive AoE attack that can reach outward to a couple kilometers.

- Darkness that devours all things - Jukwol summons a massive black hole that absorbs even light.

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