Palutena Kid Icarus
The goddess of light.

Name: Palutena
Origin: Kid Icarus
Gender: Female
Classification: God of light
Age: Thousands of years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, immortality (type 4), light manipulation, shapeshifting (she can change size and become as large as a large mountain or the size of a human), telekinesis, flight, able to curse her enemies
Weaknesses: Nothing notable
Destructive Capacity: Island level
Range: Thousands of kilometers
Speed: Massively hypersonicFTL reactions (She kept up with Pit when they were fighting)
Durability: Island level
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+
Striking Strength: Class EJ
Stamina: Seemingly limitless
Standard Equipment: her staff and mirror shield
Intelligence: Knowledgeable on nearly everything in her verse
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Multi-Island TK: Palutena can use her telekinesis to pick up multiple island sized objects and throw them at her enemies.

- Sacred Goddess Clobberlaser!: Palutena calls down a large beam of light capable of downing the Hewdraw.

- Beams of Light: Palutena will throw blasts of light at her enemies

NON CANON anime powers:

- Power of Caging: Palutena creates cages via light and then she will launch the cages of light at her enemies trapping them in cages.

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