Witness the epic battles of characters from all your favorite comics from the safety of the Cassandra Cain Stadium. Get your tickets to the great bouts between the stars of your favorite Anime and Manga, and enjoy a free complementary popcorn.

The sheer epicness of the battles in the OBD will have you up and out of your seats screaming "For Sparta!!" in no time (by no time, we mean like five years ago). For those who suffer from testosterone deficiency, this is a good thing, as it has been scientifically proven (well, maybe it's more scientific than Scientology I guess...) that visits to the Battledome increase your manliness (more like general ire).

While you are in the Battledome, feel free to drop by the Chamber of MetaBattledome affairs, and have a nice cuppa coffee and chat to some of our veteran Battledomers who can enchant you with stories of past victories. Or they just tell you to stop bothering them. Either way, you've got nothing to lose.

If you are lucky, you may even witness the glory that is our Mod ComicBookGuy in all of his cosmic glory, as he sweeps away the noobs with his infallible logic and superior debating skills (yeah, maybe if you went back in time a several years).

For those who enjoy taking happy snaps, whilst in the Battledome, you can take photos of the legendary can(n)on in action simply by heading to any thread which the great jplaya2023 has visited. (Try the archive if you're really curious)

The Battledome also has a lighter side for those looking for some humor in their daily monotony with our very own Blender substitute, the Joke Battledome (you'd be really desperate to resort to that section, and it's already been archived for good).

So come and have a visit today! Book your tickets to the Outskirts Battledome, and enjoy modern gladiatorial combat from the comfort of our five star facilities! Don't mind the cockroaches (they're all over the damn place).

"The Battledome- clearly better than the Blender and M̶F̶G̶" (already dead)