The Outskirts Battledome (OBD Wiki) is a collaboration project written by the various established members of the Outskirts Battledome of Naruto Forums, a section dedicated to debating hypothesized matches between the various characters, civilizations, and factions in fiction. The OBD Wiki is the largest compendium of knowledge of the powers and abilities of fiction on the web, with the purpose of accurately informing the public about such abilities. Strict logic is required in debates, and knowledge of physical concepts as seen in our extensive library of calculations is preferable, if not mandatory.

The OBD community is also a niche with an extensive history as well as its own cultural mores, and has eclectic tastes. Some of these may be found in the 'history' tab on the menu of this wiki.

If you want some detailed but enjoyable knowledge on the capabilities of fiction, the various superpowers, and some of the science underlying them (if applied remotely), stick around.

The OBD Wiki is open to any suggestions for improvement. If you have an opinion you'd like to share with us, contact the webmaster at:

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