To begin, please read the Wiki's Terms & Conditions.

I expect all members to already be familiar with the Common Editing Errors page.

Do not upload any images to this wiki. This is so we can save space. Link images from somewhere else. This isn't mandatory, but if possible, link images from a site dedicated for that purpose such as photobucket or imgur. I'd rather not be known as a bandwidth thief.

Next (and this is something I didn't exactly want to do, but necessity requires it), there will be a few rules regarding acceptable content. We need to follow these if we want to continue to keep this wiki up and profitable. Content found in violation of these rules will be immediately removed, and its creators will be penalized.

The following is prohibited:

1. Ethnic slurs, even if it's a joke.

2. Mature content (You know what this is and I shouldn't have to explain it to you).

3. "Violent content" (I take this to mean that you shouldn't post overly graphic images).

4. "Harassment, bullying, or similar content that advocates harm against an individual or group." (This means that if you criticize people, it must be done subtly. Criticize their specific behavioral patterns if you must, or better, if it need not be said, say nothing.)

If in doubt, you can read my host's terms for acceptable content, as well as those of Google AdSense.

And of course, you may come to me or God Movement if you have further questions.

Yours truly,