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 Does it matter that she's not the real one?


Name: Kiana Kaslana, K-423
Origin: Honkai Impact 3rd
Gender: Female
Classification: B-rank Valkyrie, Second Herrscher of the Void, Herrscher of Flamescion
Age: 19
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, super strength, able to generate giant cat limbs in order to deal greater damage to enemies, time manipulation | flight, can fire gamma particles in the form of lasers | can open portals, able to fire bullets that are intangible until they make contact with the target, reality warping | flame manipulation
Weaknesses: Overconfident in her abilities to the point that she may be reckless | None notable | None notable | None notable
Destructive Capacity: Small building level, possibly higher (able to fight Honkai of this size) | Large star level (much stronger than the Welt clone) | Large star level+ (able to match Rita in her Argent Knight: Artemis) | Solar System level (should be much stronger than the Herrscher of Stars)
Range: A few meters, farther with her pistols | Several meters | Several meters | Several meters
Speed: Superhuman, possibly faster | Superhuman, likely faster; sub-relativistic reactions via powerscaling (should be at least as fast as Cheng Lixue, who can fight Sirin for an extended period of time) | Superhuman, likely faster; FTL short range movement and reactions via powerscaling | Superhuman, FTL short range movement via powerscaling
Durability: Superhuman, possibly higher | Likely large star level | Large star level+ | At least Large Star level+, likely Solar System level
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Superhuman | Likely Class XTJ | Class XTJ | Class XTJ
Stamina: Very high, trained super soldier
Standard Equipment: Two pistols with differing abilities, differing gems and power sources dependent on form
Intelligence: Average
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Time Fracture: A localized slow down of time (which is what we observe in the game). It sometimes stops time completely. At other times it appears to seed up characters. The official explanation is as follows: "It works due the relationship between the speed of light and time: time observed slows as one approaches lightspeed. It is almost impossible to reach the speed of light. The second Herrscher slows time down by increasing the light particles' damping coefficient. In this same way, Valkyries can reach extremely high speeds."

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obdwiki honkai impact 3rd kiana kaslana white comet
White Comet


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Knight Moonbeam


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Void Drifter


obdwiki honkai impact 3rd kiana kaslana herrscher of flamescion
Herrscher of Flamescion

White Comet | Knight Moonbeam | Void Drifter | Herrscher of the Void, Herrscher of Flamescion