Raregroove Adventure


Background Information

RAVE is a completed shonen manga series with 35 volumes created by Hiro Mashima (who later created Fairy Tail)

In 0015, fifty years before the story's start, the world was being corrupted by Dark Bring, evil stones that bestowed incredible powers on their owners.

Shiba, the first Rave Master, attempted to destroy Sinclaire, the "mother" of the Dark Bring, with his sword the Decaforce Sword.

The aftermath caused the massive explosion known as "Overdrive" that destroyed one-tenth of the KNOWN world.

Shiba, protected from the disaster by Plue, a special guardian "dog" who shielded him from the blast, held onto the Rave required to power his sword. Plue and the remaining pieces of Rave, however, scattered around the world.

Fifty years later Haru Glory, a teenager living on the peaceful Garage Island, fishes Plue up by accident. Several events soon follow, including Shiba's arrival and his desire to reclaim Plue, as well as the appearance of a mysterious organization known as Demon Card, whose members possess Dark Bring and aim to rule the world.

After Haru battles one of its members, Shiba discovers he is the second Rave Master, and entrusts his Rave, Plue, and the Decaforce Sword with Haru.

Haru embarks upon an adventure to find the other pieces of Rave and to save the world.


Standing in the Battledome

RAVE is a strong verse.

The high tiers and top tiers range from city level+ up to island level+/country level+ and have massively hypersonic+ speed (triple to quad digits).

The strongest character in the series, Endless is casually at least island level+ and at least country level+ with prep.

Weaker characters such as the mid tiers can range from large building level to at least multi city block level+ with supersonic to hypersonic+ speed.

RAVE also has a few hax such as dimensional BFR, energy sealing, internal damage dealing attacks, city+ wide ice manipulation, etc.

As a verse, they are easily comparable to the likes of BleachOne Piece, and Yu Yu Hakusho.



RAVE is easily a million times better than Fairy Tail.


Supporters of the Series

  • ~Avant~
  • Brohan
  • ChaosTheory123
  • Emperor Joker
  • God Movement
  • Imagine
  • Jet Pistol
  • Kurou
  • Lightning Heaven


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Rave Warriors


Belnika_105.jpg Elie_105.jpg Haru_105.jpg JuliaR_105.jpg Let_105.jpg Musica_105.jpg
Belnika Elie Haru Glory Julia Let Dahaka Musica Hamiro




GaleG_105.jpg Niebel_105.jpg Sieghart_105.jpg
Gale Glory Julius Niebel Shiba Shuda Sieg Hart


Oracion Seis


Berial Deep Snow Haja Jegan Reina (former)


Blue Guardians



Demon Card


King Ltiangle Racas Rionette Ron Glace


Demon Card/Four Demon Gods


Asura Jiero Lucia Rare. Megido Shakuma R. Uta


Demon Lords



Lower Ranks


Crash Cookie Go Lance Ogre Poosya Rosa
Rugar 70          











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