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Background Information

Black Magic is the first published work of Masamune Shirow and follows a human civilization on Venus. This civilization has built a supercomputer called Nemesis to control their government and establish a Utopia. After successive generations of Executor Biodroids, which were built to administer the government, Zeus took over and halted all subsequent Biodroid production. However, Nemesis secretly built one last Biodroid called Typhon to prevent the government from having too much power. The series follows Typhon and her crew in their fight against the tyrannical Zeus and its schemes.

Standing in the Battledome

This verse is fairly strong. It has a highly technological interplanetary civilization encompassing "five planets, several colonies, and countless space labs" stretching at least as far out as Saturn and Titan. This civilization is also capable of some method of interstellar travel (though this method is never precisely explained) and can create some type of artificial sun. In terms of weaponry, it has continent level+ interplanetary missiles.

In terms of its main cast, Typhon survived what appears to be at least a city block level explosion and has some decent hax abilities.

OBD Profiles


Character Profiles

  • Typhon


Civilization Profiles

  • Venusians

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