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Mondaiji is a Light Novel written by Tatsunoko Tarou and produced by Kadokawa Shoten. It has ended on 12 volumes (with 3 short stories), but has ongoing sequel called Last Embryo.

Story features 3 problem children, gifted with spectacular abilities who, after receiving mysterious letters, are invited to different world – Little Garden.

While it sounds cliché, it has one of the best settings out there, featuring a lot of mindbreaking time shifts, parallel universes and NANOMACHINES, SON!


Standing in the Battledome

In terms of gauging power levels of verse, Mondaiji is probably one of the hardest to do so for several reasons:

  • Setting rules: Mondaiji-verse has so MANY rules that it becomes almost impossible to properly check their power. There are terms like: omnipotence paradox, bootstrap paradox, End Emptiness (who is more like law of nature than character), limited interference in the Outer World (gods are usually allowed to interfere with places where their affinity is high), etc.

  • Poor choice of words and pointless repetitions: it doesn't help that author has some really annoying habits in writing. First of all, some of his sentences are repeated like a broken record, eventually you will grow sick of lines like: "fists that can shake stars", "shaking heaven and earth themselves", "travelled at third cosmic velocity", "crushing all creation" and so on. Those are some "poetic" sentences that very often don't bear truth to actual feats; for example, (1)  in one sentence he's saying that Izayoi's fists can destroy stars, only to show that his punches can barely destroy city and are bleeding after coming in contact with continental mass, (2) same "star destroying punches" can't do shit against demon lords and Baron La Croix's domain which required star-level destruction (at least according to them), (3) clash of "cosmology destroying" abilities, destroyed only a city and volcano, (4) His Highness holding 10 universes yet volume earlier he was beaten like a bitch by Izayoi. I could continue for much longer. Basically, take his words with a grain of salt.

  • Wanking: if not for the fact setting of his verse is very interesting, you could could him wanker without any remorse. You can especially see this in the 12th volume of Mondaiji, where we learn that 3-digit beings have genuine omnipotence and omniscience in the Outer World...as in all of them (yet they can't rewrite akashic records and have several more limitations, so yeah). Which is even dumber when you consider the fact that End Emptiness (1-digit being and the strongest "character" so far) wields only a "portion of omnipotence" with unfinished spirit status and even it can't fight against laws of Little Garden. Omnipotence paradox wasn't present from the beginning, which means that at a dawn of Little Garden gods could wield their true power here without restrictions, yet the only thing that has changed since then is the number of gods.

  • Statements over feats: last, but not least, is author's mysterious fear of showing us genuine feats. It wouldn't be far from truth to say he's "all bark, no bite". We had COUNTLESS descriptions about how characters can destroy stars, but when you count actual feats of that? About 2 of them, and even then they were so weird that you can doubt his words. If you count only feats, then Mondaiji-verse isn't so powerful, it just has a lot of hype.

Nonetheless, Mondaiji as a whole has A LOT of potential. It can probably grow to be one of the strongest LNs and one of the strongest verses in general. It has a lot of multiverses, absurdly powerful gods from myths and fictions and pretty much limitless potential for development.

Hax is still probably its strongest card. There are lesser divine spirits who can control deadly diseases and have complete control over heat, stronger beings can easily warp space for their pleasure, weaponize concepts of "absolute victory" and locally warp reality. The strongest ability still remains to be Host Master authority, where sponsors can impose absolute trials of myth. So strong they are that even End Emptiness can't fight against them.










Little Garden:

  • City of Little Garden:

    • Region:

    • Hierarchy:

      • Divine Floor:

      • Almighty Floor:

      • Full Authority Floor:

      • 1-digit Floor:

  • Atlantis:


Paradigm Shift:


Candidate of the Origin:


 Last Embryo:

  • Enemies of the World:

  • Beasts of the End:


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


No Name/Arcadia


  Baron La Croix    Kasukabe Yu     Kudo Asuka     Kuro Usagi   Leticia Draculea  Sakamaki Izayoi





        Ayesha   Jack-o'-lantern Willa the Ignis Fa.




   Laius Perseus


Thousand Eyes




Seven Great Sages


 Roc Demon King Saurian Demon K


Queen Halloween


      Faceless  Queen Halloween       Scathach




        Arjuna           Aura Maou of Confusion         Graiya    His Highness       Jin Russel
        Kurma           Pest            Rin      


Ouroboros Union




Twelve Heavens of Dharmapala


   Bishamonten          Indra         Prithvi


Grim Grimoire Hameln


        Ratten         Weser


Last Embryo


     Azi Dahaka      Shiroyasha


Canaria Family Home


        Asterios  Ayazato Suzuka  Saigou Homura

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