Gotta catch 'em all

It's a long running Japanese superhero team genre, consisting of many shows produced by Toei Co Ltd and aired by TV Asashi.

One of the top and most well known superhero series along with Kamen Rider series and Ultraman series.

If many of those Sentai teams look familiar to you, that's because you probably recognize them from their American counterparts, the Power Rangers.

Standing In the Battledome:

As a whole setting, they are easily stronger than the likes of s-CRY-edHST and Lesbogear.

They can also rival strong 'verses from Kamen Rider and often times even exceed the strongest of them. Dairanger features a god-like/divine entity who can traverse through dimensions and easily wipe out worlds, for example, while Jetman has the multiversal empire known as the Vyram.

Supporters of the series:

- Abigail
- Blade
- Boomy
- Castiel
- Crimson Dragoon
- Darth Nihilus
- GiveRobertnoDollars
- Emperor Joker
- Fang
- Qinglong
- Roman55
- Tranquil Fury

Super Sentai Series:

- Goranger
- J.A.K.Q
- Battle Fever J
- Denziman
- Sun Vulcan
- Goggle V
- Dynaman
- Bioman
- Changeman
- Flashman
- Maskman
- Liveman
- Turboranger
- Fiveman
- Jetman
- Zyuranger
- Dairanger
- Kakuranger
- Ohranger
- Carranger
- Megaranger
- Gingaman
- GoGo-V
- Timeranger
- Gaoranger
- Hurricaneger
- Abaranger
- Dekaranger
- Magiranger
- Boukenger
- Gekiranger
- Go-Onger
- Shinkenger
- Goseiger (No one's going to make a Goseigers page, so here's the Bladerun profile. Gosei Knight's will come soon)
- Gokaiger
- Go Busters
- Kyoryuger
- ToQger

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