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Zetman is a completed seinen series with 20 volumes, created by Masakazu Katsura (author also of DNA²) It was first a one shot that appeared in a special issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, but then it was rewritten as a seinen with more rape and violence. Lots more rape. It revolves around Zet, a monster-like humanoid genetically engineered to hunt down and exterminate other genetically engineered humanoids called "players".

It also involves Kouga a rich bastard who's subsequently tortured by a mad man (One instance of madness "To be a hero of justice you must let all these people die lololololol") and given a suit to make him a Hero of Justice. Lots of high school girls where raped and killed horribly in the process of making him a hero of justice. Both Zet and Kouga are tailored after well known comic heroes in their own world. It has 14 volumes and it is ongoing.

Zetman also has an anime adaptation aired in 2012. It compresses much of the manga's plot into 13 episodes and has a somewhat different direction but otherwise it's a decent series.


Standing in the Battledome

In the big scheme of things, Zetman isn't a really strong verse. Most of the characters in general are between wall level+ up to at least building level+ in strength.

Albeit Jin has a hypersonic+ bullet-timing feat which can be easily powerscaled to others.

Players also have various abilities like fire or energy manipulationinvisibility and mind control via parasites. A certain Player can even turn anyone she touches with her tentacles into sand.

In addition the series is set slightly in the future with the Amagi Corporation having advanced technology including brainwashing. If they play their cards right, the verse would be able to beat our modern world quickly.

Overall though, they have no chance against the likes of HST.

Supporters of the Series

  • Amuro
  • Daiyoukai Ramza
  • Garv
  • Taichou
  • Toriko
  • willyvereb
  • Iwandesu

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