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Background Information


Uzumaki is a horror manga written by Junji Ito, centering around the small Japanese town of Kurôzu-cho and the supernatural forces at work there. The town and its residents fall victim to the steadily worsening 'spiral curse' over the course of the story, as the main characters do their best to survive with their sanity intact.

The manga consists of nineteen chapters, as well as an extra 'lost chapter' that takes place fairly early in the story.

Standing in the Battledome

The 'spiral curse' that the plot revolves around is seemingly generated by ancient ruins deep beneath Kurôzu-cho, and warps reality in increasingly drastic ways as time goes on, eventually twisting space and time around the town and mind controlling all of its residents.

The lost chapter suggests that the events in Kurôzu-cho are merely one local manifestation of the Spiral, and that the Spiral itself is a cosmic force that manifests within and controls all spirals, including spiral galaxies.


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