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Background Information

Blue Gender is an anime created by Ryosuke Takahashi.
2030. Earth. The world has changed drastically. There are no more great human civilizations on the planet. Instead, there is a new master - a giant insect species that humans identify as the Blue. Highly adaptable and reproducible, the Blue have quickly overrun the planet. Most humans - whoever remain, have been reduced to a pitiful existence, scavenging just to stay alive and hidden from the Blue, who turn these unfortunate people into food (not that that matters, since the Blue can feed off of inorganic matter as well).
A select group of humans have taken refuge in space, orbiting the planet in a series of space stations called Second Earth. Only a fortunate few among mankind was selected to go to Second Earth, and there is tension between them and the humans left behind on Earth, for understandable reasons. The humans of Second Earth also don't care about the fate of those left behind, for their purpose is to ultimately take the planet back from the blue.
Enter the Sleepers. In the early 2000's, a mutation appeared in some people known as the B Cells. As this was thought to be an incurable disease, those who had the condition were put into a state of cryogenic sleep until a cure was found. Enter Yuji Kaido, a Sleeper awoken by Marlene Angel, an officer in Second Earth's military. Marlene does not know the truth about the Sleepers or why she was chosen to wake Yuji up, but this encounter changes both of their futures. Casualties mount, and Yuji is forced to overcome his fears of the Blue and become a skilled soldier in a short time. Eventually, after much hardship, the two of them, and only the two (the rest of their team was killed) of them, make it back to Second Earth.
Once there, Yujii and Marlene are separated, and he is subjected to vigorous examination. Marlene begins to change as she defies her orders to see him, and the two wind up becoming partners. Now that his B Cells, along with those of other Sleepers, have awakened, Yuji and Marlene are made part of a special Sleeper Brigade sent to take Earth back from the Blue. While initially successful, things begin to go horribly wrong, and Marlene is forced to fight to save Yuji's humanity. Th B Cells are revealed as being part of a much larger design, one that Yuji must fight and struggle to understand.
What is the Earth trying to say to humanity?


There is a 26-episode anime and an abridged movie that was mostly shit. There is also a one volume manga. The anime is the primary canon.

Standing in the Battledome

The series is a low-tier mecha one, with mechas with destructive capacity and durability in the wall to small building level range. There are some powerful individual explosives that reach the multi block range. Second Earth has defenses that utilize real lasers and several characters have demonstrated bullet-timing capabilities when piloting their mechs. There are also a number of special personnel called Sleepers. They have slight superhuman stats, low regeneration and telepathic reading abilities which makes them considerably better than regular pilots. The Blue have large numbers with each technically matching the above mentioned mechas in combat. They can eat anything, including inorganic materials and have a low level reactive evolution as each successive generation improves and adapts against humanity's weapons and battlefield tactics.

Supporters of the Series

  • Byrdman
  • Nevermind
  • Willyvereb

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  • Blue
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