Background Information:

The Lord of the Rings is the name of a fantasy romance written by J.R.R Tolkien. Although the universe in general is often referred to as Lord of the Rings, or LOTR, there are many other books that make up the canon material. Aside from Lord of the Rings, there are also its prequel, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, etc. which is technically the Tolkienverse, although everybody calls it Lord of the Rings anyway due to it being the most popular. The Lord of the Rings was also made into a trilogy of movies and The Hobbit film trilogy. People often use the movie versions of the characters in debates, despite the fact that the novels are the original canon.

Lord of the Rings takes place in the land of Middle-Earth, where there are humans and non-human races, such as elves, dwarves, hobbits, trolls, orcs, goblins, etc. The plot focuses around returning the One Ring to Mount Doom to destroy it before the Dark Lord Sauron reclaims it. LOTR is considered to be one of the defining works of modern fantasy, and helped inspire other fantasy worlds like Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy, Sword of Truth, Warcraft, Warhammer Fantasy (which led to Warhammer 40,000), Wheel of Time, etc.

Standing in the Battledome:

In the OBD, most LOTR characters are considered peak human at best, although the Maiar and Valar are considered to be extremely powerful, being immortal, non-corporeal spirits that can move and reshape continents and have incredible psychic powers. It should also be noted the First and Second age humans and elves were well into superhuman range with some wielding power comparable to the lesser Maiar, some being able to challenge Fallen Vala's.

LOTR also has a quantifiably cube being, Eru Illuvatar, since he created the universe. Even without him, the verse easily stand above the likes of the HST, Yu Yu Hakusho, and even Negima due to the likes of the Valar.

Gandalf looks like he's high in this picture. He probably is.
Gandalf looks like he's high in this picture. He probably is.

Character Profiles:

Fellowship of the Ring:

- Aragorn
- Boromir
- Frodo Baggins
- Gandalf
- Gimli
- Legolas
- Meriadoc Brandybuck
- Peregrin Took
- Samwise Gamgee

Gondor and Arnor:

- Anarion
- Denethor
- Earnur
- Elendil
- Faramir
- Isildur


- Eomer
- Eowyn
- Theoden


- Arwen
- Celeborn
- Cirdan
- Elladin
- Elrohir
- Elrond
- Feanor
- Fingolfin
- Galadriel
- Gil-galad
- Glorfindel
- Hurin
- Thranduil
- Turin Turambar


- Balin
- Bifur
- Bofur
- Bombur
- Dain Ironfoot
- Dori
- Dwalin
- Fili
- Gloin
- Kili
- Nori
- Oin
- Ori
- Thorin Oakenshield

Men of Dale:

- Prince Bard


- Bilbo Baggins


- Grima Wormtongue
- Saruman
- Ugluk


- Gorbag
- Gothmog (Orc)
- Khamul
- Mouth of Sauron
- Nazgul
- Sauron
- Shagrat
- The Witch-King of Angmar


- Azog
- Bolg
- Great Goblin


- Ancalagon the Black
- Balrogs
- Durin's Bane
- Glaurung
- Gothmog
- Melkor/Morgoth Bauglir


- Alatar
- Pollando
- Radagast


- Arien
- Eonwe
- Ilmare
- Melian
- Osse
- Salmar
- Tilion
- Tu
- Unien


- Aule
- Este
- Irmo
- Mandos
- Manwe
- Nessa
- Nienna
- Orome
- Tulkas
- Ulmo
- Varda
- Vaire
- Vana
- Yavanna


- Eru Iluvatar
- Gwaihir
- Shelob
- Smaug
- Tom Bombadil
- Treebeard
- Ungoliant

Movie Characters:

- Azog (Movie Version)
- Lurtz
- Sharku
- Tauriel

Video Game Characters:

- Captain Carthaen/Karsh
- Drogoth
- Gorkil
- Hwaldar
- Morgomir
- Rogash
- Shade of the Wolf

Weapon Profiles:

- Anduril/Narsil
- Bow of Galadriel
- Glamdring
- Grond
- Orcrist
- Sauron's Mace
- Sting

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