Transcendent, also know as sub-skyfather level, is a term originating from the KMC forums tier list; used to describe characters that are clearly a step above Herald level, but still below Skyfather level.

Typical Transcendent level abilities include:

- Usually casual star system destroying level, and often to be considered around multi-star system busting level, but still below galaxy destroying
- Minor reality warping
- FTL for both combat and travel speed
- Highly varied powers

Examples of Transcendent- level beings:

- Asgardian Destroyer, Onslaught, Thanos, and several others from Marvel Comics
- Gold Saints, from Saint Seiya
- Pre-Crisis Superman, most Silver Age Kryptonians/Daxamites, Ion (current), and several others from DC Comics
- Sutekh the Destroyer Doctor Who
- Several beings from Darkstalkers
- Top Tiers from Bastard!!

Also a rep rank.