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Background Information:

Noein (full title: Noein: To Your Other Self) is an anime series directed by Kazuki Akane and Kenji Yasuda. It revolves around 8 - year - old Haruka Kaminogi and her friends living in the Japanese city of Hakodate. Mysterious "Dragon Knights" from the future appear, and a complicated plot ensues, involving alternate realities, time travel, dangerous experiments, and superhuman battles. Haruka (for a reason never quite elaborated on), possesses the "Dragon Torque", a power that allows her vast reality warping capabilities. In the earlier parts of the series, she was only able to use it for (relatively) simple tasks, such as repairing a broken dam by substituting it with a copy from another universe (too bad for the people living behind the dam in that universe). By the end of the series, she was able to reverse the villain Noein's multiverse - absorbing capabilities, rescue all of the universes and dimensions from Shangri-La, and erase him from existence. The Dragon Torque also serves as an automatic defense, rendering Haruka immune to speedblitzes. There are other powerful characters in the series, such as the Dragon Knights, who can stop time, fire energy blasts, teleport, become intangible, and regenerate from a single theta particle (apparently the smallest particle in the Noein universe, not yet discovered by the humans of Haruka's time. It is also known as Reizu). However, they need a supply of Reizu in order to regenerate.

Haruka has often been compared to Haruhi Suzumiya, but the comparison is not very apt. Important differences include:

  • Haruka is more powerful
  • Haruka is a much nicer person
  • Haruka isn't a pervert
  • Haruka doesn't have legions of frothing-at-the-mouth fanboys who will defend her in any argument just because they want to fuck her even though she doesn't exist


Standing in the Battledome:

In the OBD, Noein is considered one of the most powerful anime universes and Haruka possibly the most powerful anime protagonist, as she was shown to control reality across an infinite multiverse, but the series does fall short of the absolute top tier fictions in the battledome.


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