You can tell this is a Kajishima anime by his distinct style
You can tell this is a Kajishima anime by his distinct style


Background Information

More commonly known as just Dual, this is a 14 - episode OVA series created by Masaki Kajishima, which is part of the Tenchi Muyo! multiverse. The protagonist is one Kazuki Yotsuga (he shares the name with Tenchi's great - great grandfather, but they are separate characters, possibly alternate universe variatons). It is a mecha series, which focuses on a war in an alternate universe that Kazuki is inadvertently sent to, fought with mecha built from ancient artifacts. Kazuki's main mecha, Zinv (pronounced Jean-bu), is revealed at the end to have Light Hawk Wings, and it demonstrates great feats with them, including merging the two universes into a new universe based on Kazuki's desires, and recreating itself in that universe after being destroyed previously.

Zinv is one of the few mecha that have been argued to have a fair chance of beating Tengen Toppa Gurren - Lagann.

A mecha of the same (or a very similar design) to Zinv appears in Tenchi Muyo GXP, and it also has Light Hawk Wings.

Another connection to the Tenchi Mulltiverse that has been the object of massive fan speculation is the character D. There is a school of thought that believes she comes from the same race as Tenchi Muyo's Z, or is perhaps even related to him


Character Profiles

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