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Background Information

Witch Hunter is an ongoing manhwa series.

It is about four Witches that suddenly declare war against humans, causing the world to fall apart. Two-thirds of the world fell under their rule. Surviving countries united and gathered people with the power to combat the witches. These individuals are called Witch Hunters. Tasha Godspell, a Witch Hunter, nicknamed "The Magic Marksman" along with his ''Jack-o-Lantern''- looking Supporter hunts witches but cannot bring himself to hate them. His main purpose is to find his master and his father's killer --- his younger sister who transcended into a witch and turn her back.

It's a quite good series as well.


Standing in the Battledome

As a verse they can easily compete with the likes of D.Gray-Man and Hunter x Hunter.

They have several characters within the building level+ to multi city block level+ range and some decent hax as well.

Top tier Witches and Witch Hunters are casually multi city block level+ to possibly town level. 

Song of Moirae Tasha can casually bust mountains as well. 

Their speed needs to be properly evaluated however. 


Supporters of the Series


  • Boomy
  • Byrdman
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Imagine
  • ZenithXAbyss


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Witch Hunters


Yuepic.png Cougarpic.png Taniapic.png Tarraspic.png Tashapic.png
Bairong Yue Cougar Kunien Pal Guk Tania Dogberg Tarras Dogberg Tasha Godspell
Vihpic.png Visulpic.png Blondypic.png      
Vihyungrang Visul Words      




Aria small.png Eastpic.png Varettepic.png
Aria Godspell East North South Varaete West


Knights of the Round Table


Lancelotpic.png Merlin small.png
Arthur Gawain Lancelot Merlin


Bairong Empire


Leepic.png Xing small.png
Bairong Lee Bairong Xing






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