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Avatar: The Last Airbender (or "Avatar: The Legend of Aang" in the United Kingdom, due to "bender" having homosexual connotations there) is a pseudo-anime series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko that receives odd bashing from weeabos that believe Japan has a monopoly on Chinese history/mythology. It centers around Aang, the incarnation of the spirit of the earth (known as the Avatar), and his quest to stop the tyrannical Fire Nation from raping the other countries- the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads. Aang's native nation, the Air Nomads, were already wiped out a century ago, hence the title.

In the Avatar universe some people are gifted with abilities to control a classical element depending on which ethnic group they're born in (Hurray for racism!). The ability is inborn so if you're not gifted from birth you just received the short end of the stick. Those who get the power are referred to as "benders" of their element. You can only control one element. Earthbenders control rocks and minerals, and in one special case metals. Firebenders control fire and in more advanced stages, lightning, while waterbenders control water in all its physical states and bodily fluids, and can have low level healing powers. Lastly, airbenders control air and arguably farts. They control sneezes so it's only logical. Only the Avatar can learn to control all four.

The Avatar itself is reincarnated into a new nation every time he's killed i.e if he's killed as a Water Tribesman he is reborn as an Earth Kingdom citizen. The cycle goes Fire-> Air-> Water-> Earth ad infinitum. The only way to permanently kill the Avatar is to kill him/her as he reaches a super state dubbed the "Avatar" state. In that state he's pulling hurricanes and earthquakes from his ass so it's really really difficult.

The show recently started a sequel series that takes place 70 years after the conclusion of the original called, Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Standing in the Battledome


As a fighting verse they can be considered glass cannons i.e. they hit harder than they can take. They are also very versatile in the way they can harness their powers. The verse has several powerful spirits, including two spirits of the moon and ocean that cause huge tidal waves, a killer panda spirit, and a giant worm that steals your face for shits and giggles. When a celestial object called Sozin's Comet passes through the Avatar planet's atmosphere every 100 years, firebenders gain a huge boost in power. It's believed that the comet gives the firebenders enough power to annihilate a whole continent from a fleet of 20 airships during the course of a day. However, they were foiled before they could accomplish this.

At the height of its popularity it was always pitted against the Narutoverse which had mixed results and large shit fests resulting in hitlerade banning it. Every now and then some noob will post a thread involving Avatar characters in the manga/anime section, mistaking it as Japanese due to its art style.

It also got a terrible live-action adaptation which somehow manages to be even weaker. There is now a sequel series written by the original creators that focuses on the next Avatar after Aang, named Korra.

As for Legend of Korra, it's not as powerful as its predecessor (still midway through season 1), but there are a buttload of chi-blockers, Ty Lee a la Mode and a masked badass called Amon who claims to be able to permanently remove bending (the veracity of his claim is hotly debated amongst fans). Toph's metalbending has been further developed by Toph's daughter and her police force, using metal cables to capture and restrain people, and to fly around the place like Spider-Man on crack.

The Equalists somehow got their hands on friggin war-mechs and now there's two more bloodbenders, neither of whom require the full moon to bloodbend. As of the first few episodes of season 2, 1 fodder spirit by itself (which can likely be considered incorporeal) has shown to be able to compete with Korra in the Avatar state.

Eventually Legend of Korra's power increases to the point where they reach the feats of old, with Korra being able to block a city-busting energy blast with just energybending.


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- Kyoshi
- Korra

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- Tenzin

Earth Kingdom

- Lin Bei-Fong
- Long Feng
- Toph Bei-Fong

Fire Nation

- Combustion Man
- Jeong Jeong
Ty Lee

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- Hei Bai
- Wan Shi Tong
- Koh

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