Demon Eyes Kyo
If you're lucky he'll spare your life and make you his servant


Name: Kyo Mibu, commonly referred to by his moniker "Demon Eyes Kyo", also called "the Thousand Slayer" (after he slew over a thousand samurai during the battle of Sekigahara).
Origin: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Gender: Male
Classification: Mibu, True Crimson King, Swordsman, Badass
Age: Around late 20's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, ki user, can sense ki and conceal his own, master swordsmanship, can generate wind blades and air blasts with his sword, able to generate barriers with his ki aura, illusion creation, can inflict wounds which can't be regenerated (likely high-mid), can use his blood to heal others, immortality (type 1 and 3), high-level resistance to petrification (to a greater extent by powering up with True Red Eyes, repelled Hishigi's attempt to petrify him with his Medusa Eyes with his aura), incredible willpower (was able to break out of Muramas's body-bind through sheer force of will, a feat which astounded Muramasa, also, with the help of Muramasa's spirit, managed to resist the FCK when he tried to make Kyo give in and accept death when he was extremely wounded in his battle against Kyoshiro, also has a huge tolerance for pain), can greatly enhance his destructive power by "speaking" to his sword, can gain a tremendous boost in power with his True Red Eyes
Weaknesses: Arrogance, takes a real threat to bring out his real power
Destructive Capacity: Town level+ (stronger than the likes of the Shiseiten) | Small city level+ (comparable to FCK) | City level
Range: Extended melee range via his sword, several dozen meters with projectiles
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (faster than Chinmei) | Massively hypersonic+ | Massively hypersonic+
Durability: Town level+ (withstood attacks from several characters at this level) | Small city level+ (took attacks from True Red Eyes FCK) | City level (withstood a triple Kouryu from True Form FCK)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Class TJ+ | Class PJ | Class PJ
Stamina: Extremely large, is able to continue fighting with serious injuries
Standard Equipment: His nodachi, Tenro (means "Heavenly Wolf", one of the Four Demon Blades crafted by Muramasa, and as such, is extremely durable)
Intelligence: The world's greatest swordsman with a massive amount of combat experience in single sword combat as well as large scale military battles, was trained by the legendary Muramasa
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Kyoshiro's Body: For most of the series, Kyo was not in the possession of his own body, but inhabited Kyoshiro's body. Despite the body's awe-inspiring power, Kyo was drastically weaker in this body, since he was far less compatible with it than with his real body and thus unable to fully use its potential. Moreover, he was only able to fight for ten minutes while in Kyoshiro's body.


Did you hear it? The sound of your head flying

- True Mibu: Kyo is the last descendant of the True Mibu Clan, and within every True Mibu there is a demon who relish in slaughter and destruction. Stirred by battle and intense desire for strength, True Mibu's can awaken the demon within them and gain immense power in exchange for losing their sanity; becoming a mindless berserker.


  • True Aka no Ou (True Crimson King): Kyo has overcome the demon within him and absorbed its strength as his own to wield at his own leisure, which is signified by the ultimate red cross on his back, the sign of a true Aka No Ou.


The True Crimson King is here, rejoice


  • True Red Eyes: Kyo can call out to the True Mibu blood within him for a tremendous boost in power. In this state, Kyo's eyes become completely red and he emanates a suffocating, almost tangible, bloodlust that requires strong power of will to resist. The drawback is that the state is exhausting to maintain, and may leave him drained if he uses it for too long.

- Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Satsujin Ken (Lightless Divine Wind Style Killer Sword): Mumyo Jinpu Ryu is Kyo's sword style which was taught to him by Muramasa, his master and the man who made Kyo's sword. In the hands of Kyo, it emphasizes powerful cuts and slashes. Satsujin Ken encompasses the basic techniques.

  • Mizuchi: The most basic form. Kyo summons an atmosphere of fierce winds around himself and launches them at his opponent(s) with a sword slash either as a wind blade, cutting a straight path, or as a wind blast which surrounds his opponent with cutting winds. He can also use this to form a barrier of winds around himself as a defensive maneuver. The attack's nature also negates the efforts of the victim to regenerate or heal themselves from any wounds sustained from the attack.


  • Shinkiro (aka Shin): The user creates visual illusions, even turning illusions back on foes who had originally cast them. Also, the illusions of Shin are capable of mildly damaging attacks to harass the enemy.

- Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Ougi: The advanced techniques in the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu. The techniques are based on Shishin, the four general attacking styles: Seiryu, the green dragon, Suzaku, the phoenix, Genbu, the tortoise, and Byakko, the white tiger.

  • Suzaku: A very powerful attack with incredible speed. Kyo shoots a flaming phoenix that slices, rams, and pulverizes the target with great force. He can even ride along within the Suzaku to initiate the attack up close and personal if he so chooses. If the foe is much weaker, then this attack can even deprive them of their regeneration. If the Suzaku is defeated by the enemy then it revives itself from destruction to attack once more. The exceptions to this resurrection occurring are if the Kyo is too weakened to form the Suzaku correctly at its full power or if the strength difference between the Suzaku and the opponent's rejoinder attack are simply too great.




  • Byakko: Kyo creates a white tiger which he launches at the foe. If the strike of the tiger's first claw misses, then the opponent is dragged in by the second claw and ripped apart by the beast's fangs. Like Suzaku, the attack can be used from a distance or the user can travel inline with Byakko to carry out the attack up close and personal.




  • Genbu: A black tortoise entwined with serpents made of wind. It functions simultaneously as an offensive and defensive move. The user surrounds themselves in a dome/sphere (the tortoise's shell) to block an incoming attack. Meanwhile, the serpents can then bind and destroy the enemy.


  • Seiryu: More than a dozen Mizuchi is projected toward an opponent and surround him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the heavens where the waiting Kyo (in the form of the legendary blue dragon) descends to deliver a powerful blow.


  • Four Gods Simultaneous Attack: As the name implies, the Four Gods are summoned simultaneously to attack the enemy. Although powerful in its own right, it's merely a precursor to something even greater.


    • Kouryu (The Golden Wind): When all of the Four Gods are summoned to attack the opponent simultaneously, this action brings forth the final and most powerful beast god. While Kyo was in Kyoshiro's body, it took the form a huge, golden, focused blast of wind that descended from the heavens to strike at the enemy. When Kyo returned to his own body, he was able to summon the golden wind in its true form, the heavenly dragon Kouryu. Finally, when Kyo evolved into the True Crimson King, his increased power gave him the ability to summon three Kouryu simultaneously.

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Key: Base (in his True Body) | True Red Eyes | Mark of the True Crimson King