You've probably seen this poster as a child.
You've probably seen this poster as a child.

Background Information:

Independence Day is a 1996 movie detailing an alien invasion of Earth over the course of July 2nd-4th. The film follows humanity's struggle to throw off the invaders and save their planet. It was later adapted into a series of canon radio dramas and a novel. A (likely shitty) sequel is currently being made.

Standing in the Battledome:

This series features an alien civilization with FTL spaceships and a fleet of citybusting "Destroyers." The mothership is a large portion of the moon in size and the shields of the alien ships are capable of shrugging off nukes. The aliens themselves are capable of telepathy and have a sizable land invasion force. The aliens' ships are however, vulnerable to being hacked.

Equipment Profiles:

- Destroyer

Civilization Profiles:

- Nameless Aliens