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Background Information

Image Comics is an independent comic book publishing company created in 1992 by several comic writers and artists who felt they were not getting enough respect from Marvel and DC. Image is one of the 4 largest comic book publishing companies in America, along with DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse. Several Image titles completely sucked (such as Youngblood) and represented the worst of 90s comics excesses, but they made up for it with titles such as Supreme, Savage Dragon, Madmaxx, The Walking Dead, Invincible and Spawn.

Invincible has since gone on to become one of the most highly-regarded fictions in the OBD, winning multiple Comic of the Year Awards in the OBD Awards.

Standing in the Battledome

Image is considered to be a very powerful series since it has an in-series omnipotent being and many cosmics and reality warpers but it not as large of a universe compare to DC or Marvel, although it contains multiple planes of existence, dimensions, a main universe, a multiverse, and an "Omniverse", a level of reality that exists beyond the multiverse.

Unfortunately they lack numbers against their competitors. Also most Image comic book titles are completely separate from the main Image universe.

However, several, such as Spawn, Noble Causes, Young Blood, Invincible, The Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, Youngblood, Supreme, Gen 13 and most Top Cow comics live in the same universe, with the characters of Spawn being considered the strongest in the Image Comics verse.

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Supporters of the Series

  • Ampchu
  • Black Leg Sanji
  • Blade
  • Blakk Jakk
  • Blocky
  • Claudio Swiss
  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Imagine
  • MatthewSchroeder
  • Kurou
  • Qinglong
  • Roman55
  • Soma Cruz


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Allen the Alien Argall Anissa Battle Beast Conquest Invincible
Nolan Oliver Powerplex Thaedus Thragg  


God Country

Aristus  Attum  Balegrim Emmet Quinlan

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