God Image Comics


Name: God/Jake Jason Fitzgerald
Origin: Image Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: God/Human Boy
Age: Billions of years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, flight, teleportation, reality warping, dimensional travel, cosmic energy manipulation, causality manipulation, soul manipulation, immortality (type 4), shapeshifting, several other abilities
Weaknesses: Dangerous overconfidence, and can be tricked and outsmarted. Can be overruled by Man of Miracles
Destructive Capacity: Universe level+
Range: Universal
Speed: FTL for both movement and reaction but somewhat omnipresent
Durability: Universe level+ (Seeing that he is completely immortal, he is very hard to be killed)
Strength: Immeasurable
Stamina: Likely limitless
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: The leader of Heaven, and the twin brother of Satan. Has knowledge of the Multiverse, the creator of Mankind, and is the son of Terence D. Fitzgerald (In his avatar form).

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There are many versions of God in fiction, this profile only covers the God from Image Comics. Not to be confused with the character of the same name from Demon City Hunters or the mythological character they are both named after.