Nolan is cool


Name: Nolan/Omni-Man
Origin: Image Comics (Invincible title)
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien (Viltrumite), Former Superhero, King of the Viltrumites
Age: 2000+
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed and durability, flight, immortality (type 1, although he will eventually die of old age), regeneration (low-high), can survive in the vacuum of space, immunity to most diseases and poisons, extremely large lung capacity allows him to hold his breath for at least two weeks
Weaknesses: Soft compared to his old self
Destructive Capacity: At least planet level+ (he, Mark and Thaedus plowed through the planet Viltrum, a feat equaling at least 127 zettatons of TNT yield for each)
Range: Human melee range
Speed: Massively FTL (can fly from Earth to at least the nearest habitable planet under a single breath, at least tens of thousand times FTL), possibly much higher (the planet is noted to be within the Virgo supercluster but the exact Solar System is unknown, placing it much further away than the closest habitable planet)
Durability: At least planet level+ (his durability is actually a fair bit higher than his strikes)
Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ (likely much higher)
Striking Strength: Class NJ+
Stamina: Very large, nearly overthrew an empire consisting of his own race
Standard Equipment: Superhero costume otherwise nothing notable
Intelligence: Novelist, large amounts of battle experience and knowledge of many alien cultures
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Disembowelment: Rips your guts out.

- Decapitation: Rips your head off.

Notable OBD Victories:

- OPverse (One Piece)

Notable OBD Losses:

Other: IC Nolan is already in a bloodlusted state of mind. Unlike many other characters who like to play with their opponents, Nolan goes straight for the jugular.