It's good being evil.
It's good being evil.


Background Information

Wanted is a comic book from Top Cow Productions (a sub-series published by Image Comics) by Mark Millar and JG Jones. The plot revolves around a character named Wesley Gibson who leads a shit life, only to find out that his father was one of the worlds greatest super villains until his recent demise. Wesley then takes his father's place as the Killer, in a world where super villains wiped super heroes of the face of the planet, and super villains travel the multiverse to fuck with other super heroes out of boredom, as well as to gather random trophies such as radioactive condoms.

There was also a movie made that has nothing to do with the comic other than the title and a few character names.

Standing in the Battledome

Wanted is a pretty strong universe full of superhumans, one of which can unmake all of reality if he's not careful and loads of doomsday weapons like a rainbow powered continent smasher, and technology that allows universal travel. The series is above the HST as a verse, however individual characters won't fair quite as well due to being glass cannons, with a few exceptions.

Supporters of the Series

  • Jane Crocker

Character Profiles