Real Life OBD
Not pictured: Real Life.


Background Information:

Real life. It's where me, you, and your totally smoking hot sister live.

Real life is remarkable for being... quite real. Not fictional at all, in fact. In the OBD, although fictions obviously rule, often the real life verse is brought into the proceedings. Maybe it's a thread where Naruto has to face off against an angry grizzly bear, or maybe the Crips are fighting Sith Lords. Perhaps you are arguing that the Spartans would rape the Romans (and yes, all your information on how BADASS-ULTRA-HARDCORE Spartans are comes entirely from the movie 300), ignoring the fact that it actually happened, and it was the Spartans who took it up the ass. Maybe you are arguing that a lemur could kill a blue whale by death biting it's blowhole. Who cares? The point is, you are arguing real life.

One of the advantages in real life versus battles could be said to be clarity, due to the unambiguity of something as real as the world most of us actually live in. There is less need for calcs. Still, some of us think we haven't been to the moon, and that a Kung Fu master can beat up 100 attackers at the same time, so what do I know? The main way to debate real life would be to link to studies or factual data which is well documented before you start spouting off about Bruce Lee training with 100 kilogram nun-chucks and moving at the speed of light.

This page links to profiles on various things in real life that might crop up in the OBD, such as lions, tigers, bears, (holy shit!) and helicopter mounted miniguns.

Some Profiles

- An Ant
- An Asteroid
- An Elephant
- Barack Obama
- Billy Mays
- Brock Lesnar
- Bruce Lee
- Donald Trump
- F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet
- George Bush
- Giorgio Tsoukalos
- Homo Sapiens (Humans)
- M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
- Markoolio
- Mr. T
- Stone Cold Steve Austin
- Theodore Roosevelt
- Tite Kubo
- Tommy Jordan

Debates that have used things from Real Life

- Religion