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Background Information:

WWE (formerly World Wrestling Entertainment, currently an orphan initialism) is the sole major wrestling company in America. WWE used to be called WWF, however they got into a lawsuit with another WWF and they were forced to change their name.

WWE fought a brutal ratings war with WCW during the 90s and won eventually thanks to bringing in new talent rather then relying on wrestlers 20 years past their prime. Wrestlers like Stone Cold, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and the Undertaker were made in the WWE. Once the Monday Night wars were won, WCW fell apart and WWE annexed it, acquiring its library of footage and most of its roster. Sadly, due to the lack of competition and poor writers, WWE has been decreasing in quality. Today we are in a PG era due to a tragedy that happened to a wrestler who I won't name. The early PG era was characterized by short story lines, no blood, no curse words and the Cena domination, however as of 2014 Cena's dominance has at last waned.

Currently the top face of the WWE is John Cena and wrestling fans are split whether to hate him or love him. Regardless of how you think of him. he has worked his ass off for this company and never botches his moves. Also as of recently a revolution has started to happen in the WWE thanks to the most infamous promo of the PG era given by CM Punk. 6-27-11 will be a day of infamy for wrestling fans. On that day CM Punk gave an extreme controversial promo/shoot. Because of that shoot many fans claim we are in a reality era and it can argued that WWE is getting better - or not. It's a mixed bag.

Standing in the Battledome:

Technically WWE is part of the real world but the OBD has a fair amount of wrestling fans so it's kind of treated as a meme. In reality the WWE has a lot peak human wrestlers who can be a nightmare for most real life and peak humans fighters to face. Vince is a billionaire (on and off, lol) so he can get a vast amount of weapons with prep.

Undertaker never loses at WrestleMania used to be one of the golden rules in the OBD until he lost in 2014 to Brock Lesnar. Now there is some doubt. The rule hasn't been tested very much since then, though. John Cena also jobs to whoever he faces till the last minute where he lands an FU and wins.

Supporters of the series:

- Abigail
- Basch71
- Bit Sean
- Blade
- Brohan
- Crimson Dragoon
- Darth Nihilus
- God Movement
- Judas
- KaiserWombat
- Lina Inverse
- MazinFireWars
- Nevermind
- Platinum
- Roman55
- Sylar
- Tranquil Fury
- Ultimecia
- Zenieth

Character Profiles:

- Batista
- Booker T
- Bret Hart
- Brock Lesnar
- Chris Jericho
- Christian
- CM Punk
- Cody Rhodes
- Daniel Bryan
- Dolph Ziggler
- Edge
- Ezekiel Jackson
- Goldberg
- Hulk Hogan
- Iron Sheik, The
- Jeff Hardy
- John Cena
- Kane
- Kurt Angle
- Mark Henry
- Matt Hardy
- Mick Foley
- Randy Orton
- Ric Flair
- R Truth
- Scott Steiner
- Shane McMahon
- Shawn Michaels
- Sheamus
- Stone Cold Steve Austin
- The Miz
- The Rock
- Triple H
- Undertaker
- Vince McMahon

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