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Background Information:

The Halo series is a group of science fiction first person shooters, developed by Bungie Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The main trilogy follows UNSC Spartan John 117, also know as Master Chief, in his fight for the future of humanity against the theocratic Covenant Alliance in the 26th Century. Expanding upon the main games is the expanded universe of the novels, comics, graphic novels, and other licensed products that shine light on the UNSC-Covenant war among other subjects.


Standing in the Battledome:

As for its standing in the OBD, Halo is a difficult series to accurately place in terms of power, due to the scarce information known on the high tiers like the Forerunners and the Precursors. Until more information is shown, Halo is a mid-tier Sci-fi universe. Some notable technology is FTL travel due to manipulation of Slipstream space, Terraforming technology, limited cloning ability, and highly advanced weaponry. The Forerunners were able to construct entire planets out of Sentinals, as well as creating safe havens in slipspace to protect against the Halo Rings. These are known as "Shield Worlds".

Covenant ships are able to "glass" the surface of planets effectively wiping out life on that planet, while the UNSC have the NOVA Bomb which is effectively a planet buster (its explosion occurred between a Covenant outpost planet Joyous Exultation and its moon, Malheim, scorching a quarter of the planet and shattering the moon. The resulting winds on Joyous Exultation flattened cities and spawned tidal waves. Every ship within the NOVA Bomb's range, save for those on the opposite side of the planet boiled and vaporized in an instant). The Halo rings are capable of Galactic life wiping if activated, and could be used in as a last resort in a fight in the OBD, this combined with the shield world could give Halo a win in most fights as they would be able to keep some people alive while killing their enemy.

Technology Tier List for each species in the Halo Universe:

Tier 7: Pre-Industrial Age
- Flood (Basic Form)

Tier 6: Industrial Age
- Grunt (Pre-Covenant)

Tier 5: Atomic Age

Tier 4: Space Age
- Brute (Pre-Covenant)
- Jackal (Pre-Covenant)
- Drone (Pre-Covenant)

Tier 3: Space-faring
- Hunter (Pre-Covenant)
- UNSC (Humanity)

Tier 2: Interstellar
- Covenant Alliance
- Prophet
- Elite
- Flood (After assimilation of species)

Tier 1: World Builders (Capable of Traveling across the Galaxy and able to build worlds among other things)
- The Forerunners

Tier 0: Transsentient (Capable of traveling across multiple galaxies and able to speed up evolution of intelligent life)
- The Precursors

Character Profiles:

- Master Chief
- Noble Six
- Spartan 1337 (non-canon)

Vehicle/Ship Profiles:

- UNSC Infinity
- CSO-class Supercarrier
- Mantle's Approach
- Star Road

Civilization/Species Profiles:

- Covenant
- Forerunners
- Flood
- Precursors


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Halo versus Dragonball. Halo wins, and negs are had.


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