Lost Universe OBD
The main characters.


Background Information

Lost Universe is a manga and anime series which originated with a series of light novels by Hajime Kanzaka (the author of Slayers). It takes place in the same multiverse as Slayers - of the Staves (multiverses) created by the Lord of Nightmares, Slayers takes place in what is known as the "Red World", while Lost Universe takes place in the "Black World". Unlike Slayers, which is based on medieval fantasy, Lost Universe has a sci-fi theme (including an obvious ripoff of lightsabers from Star Wars).

Standing in the Battledome

Interestingly enough, most devices in the show, such as FTL drives and the more powerful weapons and shields, as well as the aforementioned lightsaber ripoffs, are powered not by technological sources, but by psi-energy, generated from living beings. In Slayers, there are corresponding good and evil deities to watch over each Stave, and the same is true in Lost Universe - Vorfeed corresponds to good, and Dark Star is evil. The most powerful forces in the series are the Lost Ships, which are capable of spamming planetbusters, tanking them with their shields, warping spacetime around themselves for defense, and various other feats. Dark Star was claimed to be able to absorb all the thermal energy from the entire universe, but it was stopped before this happened.

The series, of course, has the Lord of Nightmares as its ultimate entity as well.


Character Profiles

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