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Background Information

The Greenverse is an unofficial term for the collective work of British author, Simon R. Green (if the above image didn't already clue you in). Barring the fact that every single one of them thrive off rule-of-cool, an influx of eldritch abominations, and an interesting cast of characters, the various works also include countless references to each other and even cameos (eg. Giles Deathstalker from the Deathstalker series is the descendant of the Drood family in the Secret Histories series and even shows up in the second book of the latter series, Walker from the Nightside series also makes a cameo in Secret Histories, JC Chance from the Carnacki Institute in Ghost Finders makes an appearance in Secret Histories, and etc.). The world always seems to be in some kind of danger, but that's to be expected considering Green's propensity to be over the top with his work. Overall, the collective work wouldn't be in the top-tier bracket of literature considering the author having his fair share of glaring flaws, but it makes for some pretty good popcorn reading. Works apart of the Greenverse include:

  • DeathstalkerDeathstalker, Deathstalker Rebellion, Deathstalker War, Deathstalker Honour, Deathstalker Destiny, Deathstalker Legacy, Deathstalker Return, Deathstalker Coda | Twilight of the Empire (prelude to the Deathstalker series): Mistworld, Ghostworld, Hellworld
  • Forest Kingdom: Blue Moon Rising, Blood and Honour, Down Among the Dead Men, Beyond the Blue Moon
  • Ghost FindersGhost of a Chance, Ghost of a Smile, Ghost of a Dream, Spirits From Beyond, Voices From Beyond (forthcoming)
  • Hawk and Fisher: Hawk & Fisher, Winner Takes All, The God Killer, Wolf in the Fold, Guard Against Dishonor, The Bones of Haven
  • Nightside: Something from the Nightside, Agents of Light and Darkness, Nightingale's Lament, Hex and the City, Paths Not Taken, Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth, Hell to Pay, The Unnatural Inquirer, Just Another Judgment Day, The Good, The Bad, and the Uncanny; A Hard Day's Knight, The Bride Wore Black Leather
  • Secret Histories: The Man with the Golden Torc, Daemons Are Forever, The Spy Who Haunted Me, From Hell With Love, For Heaven's Eyes Only, Live and Let Drood, Casino Infernale, Property of a Lady Faire (forthcoming)
  • Shadows Fall (standalone novel)

Standing in the Battledome

The verse overall is pretty damn powerful, and I'll even do you a solid by breaking down what each have to bring to the table:


The series takes place very far into the future and it shows with the tech at their disposal. The Empire have stardrives that allow FTL travel through space and the stardrives themselves contain enough energy to snuff a star out like a candle; oh and speaking of stars they found out how to blow them up then concentrate all of that force onto a target of their choosing. They also have whole fleets of starcruisers which are basically their version of Imperial Star Detroyers that are used to scorch whole planets (3 starcruisers for planetary scorching is standard protocol; 5 if they're in a hurry)--they have more or less subtle ways of achieving this through transmutation engines that can turn a planet into a poisonous, radioactive, and possibly quantum mess; not to mention plenty of mind tech to screw with your...minds (hell they even have what are essentially mind nukes). Beyond the Empire you have the rogue AIs of Shub who also have planetbusting weapons and generally considered as a society having more advanced technology than the Empire itself (building their own planet is a plus). Additionally there's a very old civilization called the Illuminati who, in their prime, hopped from planet to planet twisting the laws of physics as they saw fit on each of them and converted enemies to friends (lel). Of course you have your Espers who possess a slew of abilities that very between individuals and then the six Uber Espers who pretty much outclass them (battles between the two have generated psychic fallout throughout a city as a side effect that also includes handing out more "Fuck You"s to physics), and an even more powerful individual in Alicia Deathstalker capable of controlling millions of minds at minimum. This being a Simon R. Green work, it doesn't stop there when we hit another wall called the Terror, a massive creature the size of a planet who's very existence is a giant "Eat Doggy Dicks" to reality as it and it's herald are able to completely no-sell everything I just mentioned in this very paragraph. EoS Owen and Hazel end up absorbing the Terror and become multidimensional godlike figures themselves.


Forest Kingdom

Need to read through the books again to offer more specifics, but as of now I can tell you of the existence of Transient Beings, living personifications of an abstract idea which can't be destroyed so long as that certain aspect continues to exist, not to mention pretty much having their own world (Reverie, which upon its destruction can also get rid of Transient Beings for good given you have enough power to destroy it) they dwell in, separate from other universes. Speaking of universes,  there's the possibility of full access to the power of the Blue Moon, a moon (no fucking duh) which exists in a parallel dimension to our own; the gist of it being that said access to said Blue Moon would essentially allow one total control over Wild Magic and by extension, the universe itself. There's also the Source, a spark of left over creation energy contained in a small pocket sized box, that has enough power to destroy both the universe Forest Kingdom takes place in and Reverie.


Ghost Finders

Focusing on the adventures of members of a high profile organization in the Carnacki Institute, the series doesn't focus on much beyond the brick shitting threats that range from planetary to universal in scope. You also have your advanced tech such as the damn computers used to measure distortions in reality and such as well as something like a Dimensional Frequency Adjuster which is used to distort someone's dimensional wavelength, sending them to another universe in the process; the kicker is that this is looked at as nothing special by a techie who isn't even that high up in the organization.


Hawk and Fisher



The Nightside

Considering the nature of the series it unsurprisingly possesses a slew of hax ranging from telepathy, matter transmutation, soul manipulation, time manipulation, pocket dimension manipulation, probability manipulation, cross-universal travel, and a metric shit ton more I can't and won't be bothered to list. You have Agents From Above and Below (basically angels and demons) who threaten to destroy the Nightside with their war for the Unholy Grail; the strongest angels are implied to be able to influence the orbit of the earth itself at will. You have the Collector who's stated to have multiple time travelling devices and was even seen by John Taylor visiting an alternate timeline. You then have Lilith who created the Nightside dimesion, itself housing thousands of stars unseen outside said dimension and countless pocket dimensions within itself. On the topic of stars you have a war depicted in an alternate timeline that resulted in the destruction of a lot of stars and the moon. Lastly you have a god...the God whose existence is pretty much confirmed with objects like the Speaking Gun, the Walking Man, and most notably the Source (see Forest Kingdom entry above).


Secret Histories

A combination of Ghost Finders and The Nightside possessing a variety of hax and a consistent level of high firepower from things like The Heart, an extra dimensional being responsible for the destruction and subjugation of a lot of planets and provided the Drood Family with their Torcs; never mind a rival entity in Strange/Ethel. Grendel Rex, a Drood who went rogue and absorbed the Torcs of hundreds of other Droods to become a godlike figure that could carve his features on the moon for all to see, restructure the continents to his whim, and conduct mass mind/soul fucking on a planetary scale. Cross-universal travel is hella common occcurence and you additionally have someone like Crow Lee who's aware of ways to reality warping (likely on a fairly high scale) and knows Words of Power that can blow up a planet; not to mention orchestrating the events behind Live and Let Drood where he ends up sending the Family to another reality and replacing them with another. Oh yeah...then you have the Deplorable End which is a universe destroying weapon that can fit in the palm of a hand and can be activated at the push of a button. Finally there's a mystical pathway called the Rainbow Run that allows access to lower and higher dimensional universes, or long distances travel in no time, somewhat literally too since time is pretty wonky there. Another dimension where time doesn't exist is the Timeless Moment which functions as the base of operations for the current Satanic Conspiracy who took a town, bent it over, and did a number on its ass when it comes to its reality. The Drood Family themselves are fitted with Torcs that come with a variety of defenses and functions that can prevent mind/soul fuck, existence erasure, tracking through mystical or technological means among others, condifering their advanced tech and arsenal that including weapons in the Armaggedon Codex which they keep hidden in a pocket dimension; weapons like the Oathbreaker or Sunwrack which have been used to deal with planetary entities like the Heart or take out a star, respectively.

So in conclusion I can't be assed to give a decent list of fiction they can trash,  just put the facts together and decide for yourselves.

Supporters of the series

  • AntiReality
  • Banhammer
  • Fang
  • teddy
  • Elric of Melnibone


Character Profiles

Deathstalker Characters

  • Alicia Vom Acht Deathstalker
  • Blue Hellfire
  • Darkvoid Device
  • Giles Deathstalker
  • The Gray Train
  • Hazel d'Ark
  • Investigator Frost
  • Jack Random
  • John Silence
  • Kit Summerisle
  • Lewis Deathstalker
  • Owen Deathstalker
  • Ruby Journey
  • The Shatter Freak
  • The Screaming Silence
  • The Spider Harps
  • Valentine Wolfe


Forest Kingdom Characters

  • Demon Prince
  • The Magus


Ghost Finders Characters


Hawk and Fisher Characters

  • Under Construction


Nightside Characters


Secret Histories Characters

  • The Armourer
  • Crow Lee
  • Doctor Delirium
  • Edwin Drood
  • Ethel
  • Gerard Drood
  • The Heart
  • The Karma Catechist
  • Molly Metcalf
  • Mr. Stab


Civilization & Faction Profiles

Deathstalker Civilizations & Factions

  • AIs of Shub
  • The Empire
  • Illuminati
  • The Recreated

Forest Kingdom Civilizations & Factions

  • Transient Beings


Ghost Finders Civilizations & Factions


Hawk and Fisher Civilizations & Factions

  • Under Construction


Nightside Civilizations & Factions

  • Agents From Above and Below
  • The Authorities
  • The Harrowing
  • Psychenauts
  • Shiva Rising


Secret Histories Civilizations & Factions

  • The Drood Family
  • Elves
  • Hungry Gods
  • The Satanic Conspiracy


Weapon Profiles


Deathstalker Weapons

  • Transmutation Engine


Forest Kingdom Weapons

  • Infernal Devices
  • The Source


Ghost Finders Weapons

  • Dimensional Frequency Adjuster


Hawk and Fisher Weapons

  • Under Construction


Nightside Weapons


Secret Histories Weapons


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