Captain Planet OBD 
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Background Information:

Captain Planet was an early 90s cartoon created by Ted Turner, which was basically just a 30 minute long public service announcement about environmentalism. The show is about 5 (incredibly cliched in personality) teenagers from 5 different continents (Australia and Antarctica were left out for some reason) known as the Planeteers, who have magic rings that each can control an element. First you have the 4 classical elements (fire, water, earth, wind), and what does the 5th guy get? Not something cool like lightning, metal, or ice, but heart, which lets him communicate with animals and humans telepathically. Think of all of the jokes about Aquaman's powers being lame and multiply them a billionfold. At least Aquaman has super strength and speed and can survive underwater.

Anyway, when they combine their powers they summon Captain Planet, who sports a ridiculous - looking green mohawk and is known for blurting out so many cheesy lines when fighting that he makes Spider-Man look like William Shakespeare in comparison.

The villains are mostly one-dimensional with completely unrealistic motivations (for example, a lot of them simply want to pollute for pollution's sake). One of them also ripped off the name of one of the coolest video game characters ever. The fact that the Captain Planet episode starring said villain came out before the first Duke Nukem game is considered semantics, and Captain Planet is a shitty enough series for us to surmise that the creator has access to a time machine that he used to steal the name. The fact that he couldn't think of anything better to do with it is telling of the show's quality.

Standing in the Battledome:

Captain Planet himself is the character that is most used in the OBD, and he is fairly powerful, with easily class 100+ strength, hypersonic+ speed, amazing durability, and elemental manipulation powers that make Aang look like a pussy. However, much mockery is made of his weakness, which is pollution, the very thing that he is supposed to be fighting against. He can also be weakened by hate, as shown in the episode where he met Hitler (I'm not making this up).

Character Profiles:

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