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This series takes place initially 13 years after the Olympian God, Hades's death, and the defeat of his army of 108 Specters as well as the deaths of the last generation of Gold Saints. Pegasus Seiya has now be granted the status of a fully fledged new rank, the Gold Saint of Sagittarius, and protects Saori/Athena personally. The whereabouts of the other four main Bronze Saints are unknown.

More importantly, the story focuses henceforth on the baby boy, Kouga with Athena. Shortly later in the initial story, a being known as Mars attacks the duo only to be interrupted and fought by Seiya.

The series then skips again in time another 13 years with Kouga as a young teenager preparing and being trained as the new owner of the Pegasus Cloth.

Athena is then abducted by Mars , who is not held off this time by Seiya, who is missing since their last fight, and Kouga undertakes his journey to master his Cloth and cosmos, to save his adoptive mother.

Standing in the Battledome


Saint Seiya Omega is very powerful as it is the direct sequel in the animated continuity of the Toei SS canon to the original animeDimension busting, atomic level destruction, mastery over elemental Cosmos, massively FTL speeds, and battling literal Gods and whatnot. And as a special note: Omega is official to the Saint Seiya universe, however it is not part of Kuramada's manga canon. It disregards Next Dimension and completely ignores Heaven's Chapter: Overture.

However, in the animated continuity, it directly follows the events of the Hades Chapter: Inferno and Elysian OVA series story.

So in a nutshell: Omega is part of the anime continuity, which consists of the Hades OVAs and the original animated series adapted from the manga. There is also apparently a tidbit in an Omega DVD handbook which says Overture is part of Omega's continuity, but no translations of it have been seen yet.

Feats and logical powerscaling are allowed such as Gold Saints in Omega being massively FTL thanks to mastery over the 7th Sense, starbusting, and so forth.

This series now has a finished second season, which introduced time stop as a standard arsenal for the opposing Pallasite faction and naturally, a high enough cosmo guarantees resistance to it.

The verse is well above the likes of NegimaToAru and Dragon Ball (pre-DBS, anyway).


Character Profiles


Bronze Saints

  • Pegasus Kouga
  • Lionet Souma
  • Aquila Yuna
  • Dragon Ryuho
  • Wolf Haruto
  • Orion Eden
  • Equuleus Subaru


Gold Saints


Aqua. Tokisada Aries Kiki Capricorn Ionia Leo Mycenae Libra Genbu Libra Shiryu
Pisces Armor Sagittarius Seiya Taurus Harbringer Virgo Fudoh    

Legendary Bronze Saints


  • Andromeda Shun
  • Cygnus Hyoga
  • Phoenix Ikki


Four Pallasite Kings





Abzu Mars


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