Malazan series OBD
Books in the series

Background Information:

The Malazan Book of the Fallen series is comprised of ten books.

Known for its expansive world and history, the Malazan series has garnered many fans over the internet and has a message board dedicated to it.

Books in the series:

1. Gardens of the Moon
2. Deadhouse Gates
3. Memories of Ice
4. House of Chains
5. Midnight Tides
6. The Bonehunters
7. Reaper's Gale
8. Toll the Hounds
9. Dust of Dreams
10. The Crippled God

Standing in the Battledome:

Fairly known now in the OBD, the Malazan series is a powerful fantasy universe. In the first novel, six mages were able to blast considerable chunks out of the floating mountain called Moon's Spawn, and one of them was shearing off "enormous cliffs" from its face while another covered nearly all of it in flames. The Lord of Moon's Spawn, Anomander Rake (the guy on the cover) was entirely unconcerned for his own safety and responded with his own generic energy blasts. The only reason he retreated from the battle was that his mountain was getting beat up, not him.

There's also someone who can casually trigger volcanic eruptions by punching the ground and just by opening his Warrren (basically the magic system of Malazan), he cracks the hills around him, snaps stone, and sunders crags. He did all of that while deprived of the majority of his strength. He then proceeded to fight five dragons in a combat of sorcery and eventually defeated them, incinerating the hills around them and wasted the countryside as a side effectside effect. Also, he can threaten Rake even in his weakened state.

Then there's another character, Caladan Brood, who can create a mountain range mountain range just by smacking his hammer on the ground once. And once upon a time, there was an army of beings numbering about a hundred million, each one being capable of freezing a continent and the surrounding sea as well.

So yes, it's a pretty damn strong series.

Also, a brutal retribution. Awesome, isn't it? From quality series only quality you can expect. Don't be frustrated. Unless you want to be a Jelly Land citizen, that is.

Supporters of the series:

- basch71
- Boomy
- Crimson Dragoon
- Emperor Joker
- Fang
- Judas
- Neodragzero
- teddy
- willyvereb
- Kenji Boy ( Urouge)

Other stuff:

Hey, someone actually made a thread about it.

Malazan Tier List

Character ProfilesCharacter Profiles:

- Anomander Rake
- Karsa Orlong
- Quick Ben
- Raest


Raest happens to be one of the more commonly used characters from this series since he makes speed advantages irrelevant in a lot of cases due to his sheer endurance and durability, while also having the option of possessing another body. Add that to his very wide area attacks and you have yourself a formidable adversary. However, there are even stronger people that are also capable of having Raest's advantages, such as the Crippled God, who can potentially wipe out all life on the planet.

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