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Gundam is one of the longest running series of Japanese anime, featuring giant robots or mecha, created by Sunrise.

There's even a Gundam section. (Run by OBDers, for OBDers).

All Gundam series are set in different timelines from one another but are all set in the same universe, with the arguable exceptions being Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


Standing in the Battledome

As for the series itself they have advanced humans called Newtypes. These characters have psionic powers and enhanced reactions.

Their abilities are very diverse ranging from character to character.

Newtype abilities include being able to exist as ghosts, technopathy, mind manipulation, empathy, precognition, forcefields, telekinesis, being able to snipe things beyond the range of their mechs and others.

G Gundam has superhuman characters like Domon Kasshu and Master Asia who are capable of fighting against some HST characters, even without using their Gundams.

This one is a super robot series, so no surprise.

The technology of any Gundam series is easily above our own since they all take place in an advanced future setting.

They have life wiping superweapons, including colony sized lasers, and mirror arrays capable of melting solid rock.

Some of the hax displayed by different Mobile Suits includes regeneration, nanomachine swarms, colony busting lasers, teleportation, forcefields, being able to draw on the power of the dead, remote weaponry controlled by thought, precog, beamspam, and afterimages, to name some.

Also, the firepower, speed, and durability vary, depending on which Gundam fights.

Some Gundams can leave Earth and have the ability to go into space on their own.

Overall as a whole verse, they are easily stronger than the likes of the  BleachRAVE, and Yu Yu Hakusho.


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