Devil Survivor cover
The Protagonist (Abel) and company on the cover to Overclocked

Background Information

A spin-off game of Shin Megami Tensei, developed by Atlus. The story follows the nameless Protagonist (soon to be later known as Abel) and his friends who are in a desperate struggle for survival. A lockdown of the Yamanote Circle after the appearances of Demons in the area. The crew armed with COMPs, allowing them to not only summon demons but also able to defend themselves from the incoming threat. If that's not all, the COMP sends e-mails entailing various circumstances with nigh-impeccable accuracy foretelling impending doom on the party and everyone else in the Circle. With that, a mysterious countdown which the Protagonist only can see, tells how long they have to live. If things weren't bad enough, the Bel Gods are arriving in the Circle, and are using the city as a perfect arena for the one who can ascend to the Throne of Bel and become the King of Bel. To hit it home, if the party do not succeed, god himself will see to it that the Circle, and everyone in it, is destroyed as failure on humanity's part. So the party have to not only survive the lockdown, but also deal with the ordeal surrounding the Throne of Bel.

Standing in the Battledome

Devil Survivor is incredibly powerful due to the appearances of Lucifer, Metatron, and the Protagonist, all whom are multiversal in scope of power. Beyond that, one of the Bel Gods has a hax ability granted upon him that allows him to tank everything with the exception to Devil's Fuge. This of course can lead to NLF's, but in verse says something since most characters usually operate on high levels of power.

Character Profiles

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