Promotional art of Devil Survivor 2, featuring the main characters
Promotional art of Devil Survivor 2, featuring the main characters

Background Information:

A spin off of the main Shin Megami Tensei series, Devil Survivor 2 follows on from Devil Survivor in its SRPG/JRPG hybrid style combat, although its story has nothing to do with the previous game's barring its themes of survival in the face of disaster. The game begins when the Protagonist and his friends receive a "Death Clip" from a site named Nicaea. This shows them dying, as a train crashes inside of a subway and falls on top of them. In order to survive, the party must make contracts with demons... by beating the shit out of them with their bare hands. As the week progresses, the world falls apart as mysterious invaders named "Septentriones" named after the stars in the big dipper, attack towers across Japan. It is revealed that the rest of the world has been "deleted", and that it is possible for the few remaining humans to ask Polaris to rebuild the world in the image of their ideals.

Standing in the Batteldome:

Being a Shin Megami Tensei game, Devil Survivor 2 is very powerful, containing Polaris, the Nigh-omniscient ruler of a multiverse, as well as many powerful demons that are the series' trademark. The game also contains many hax powers, such as controlling the source code of all existence, and viewing time non-linearly.

Character Profiles:

- Polaris
- Protagonist
- The Anguished One