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Background Information

Chrome Shelled Regios is a completed novel series with 25 volumes created by Amagi Shuusuke.

It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the land is no longer inhabitable and the people live in moving cities called Regios. Huge mutant Filth Monsters dominate the barren lands and time to time they raid the moving cities for food (humans). The cities' only defense are the Military Artists, who have the special power of Kei and weapons called Dites to fight the Filth Monsters. The protagonist Layfon is a former Heavens Blade, an elite Military Artist from Grendan city. After a certain incident he got exiled and moved to the "Academy City" of Zuellni to start a new life. However, due to a random turn of events he ends up joining Zuellni's 17th platoon and finds himself on the battlefield again.

The story first centers around Layfon's personal problems and the student life at Zuellni. It also slowly explores the world of Regios. Later the plot thickens and eventually the secret of this mysterious world is revealed. The canon is consisted of 4 stories. First is the main novel of Chrome Shelled Regios. Then we have a prequel called Legend of Regios. Regios Crusade connects the two more closely together and essentially is essentially a side storyside story. There's also a child's book named "Boku to Regiosu no Tabi" (My Journey in Regios), another prequel of CSR.

Aside from the complete canon works, Chrome Shelled Regios also has an anime and 4 manga adaptations in total. The anime adaptation aired with 24 episodes in 2009, made by ZEXCS.


Key Terms


  • Filth Monster: Alternatively called Pollutant Beasts. Towering huge insectoid monsters with armor-like skin, the only life form capable of surviving outside the cities. They often attack the cities for food. The Filth Monsters are usually as huge as skyscrapers though some can be even bigger.
  • Kei: Ki like ability of the Regios world. Without Kei Vein no one can use Kei. Compared to Chi, Kei is more energy like and part of the Military Artist's body as much as the air they inhale or the blood flowing in their veins. Because it's a natural part of a Military Artist's body, the Kei can be restored faster than other energy sources such as chi, making it more efficient. There are two variations of Kei techniques: External and Internal Kei. Internal Kei used to reinforce the body and enhance the physical abilities. External Kei is released outside and takes form as various energy blasts or other techniques. If the Military Artist sustains serious injury or otherwise in unhealthy condition; that impacts his/her performance with Kei (similar to Ripple/Hamon from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure).
  • Dite: Compact weapons created via alchemy. These arms are normally kept in compressed forms to save space. Upon invoking the word "Restoration", the Dites change form with a bright light and assume the shape of the preset weapon. Dites can store, conduct and channel Kei to reinforce their structure or focus the attacks of External Kei Bursts. Such weapons exist in countless forms and compositions. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The best Dites are the legendary Heavens Blades. Miraculously crafted Platinum Dites that allow to channel "unlimited" amounts of Kei through them without breaking.
  • Zero Domain: Chaotic world outside the rules of physics. Found by humanity in the long past and harnessed its power via complex machines to generate Aurora Fields. They tried to directly explore the raw Zero Domain countless times but failed. Anyone or anything sent to the Zero Domain never returned. The only exception are the Mutants, living portals to the Zero Domain with considerable reality warping powers. They were once people with strong enough willpower and desire to maintain their individuality even inside the utter chaos.
  • Aurora Fields/Aurora particles: Aurora Fields allow the creation of theoretically infinite number of dimensions and thus let Humanity to spread endlessly to uncountable number of pocket dimensions. At one time the communication between the dimensions were lost and people got cut off their roots, left entrapped in those artificial worlds. The Aurora Fields work by Aurora Particles that originate from the Zero Domain. Aurora Particles have properties to alter reality and the source of all special powers in the verse.


Standing in the Battledome

Chrome Shelled Regios is a relatively powerful series. High ranking Military Artists like the Heavens Blade Successors are massively hypersonic+ (quadruple digit level) up to FTL and even without their titular weapons, they're capable of citybusting.

The series also has countless pocket dimensions spread across the chaotic Zero Domain. Their size are varying from the scale of a city to beyond planetary ranges. Although the story itself rarely takes place outside the main Regios world. The strongest creatures in the series are the Mutants. They're living portals to the Zero Domain and capable of reality warping and absorbing people into their personal dimension. The three most notable members are Saya, Eyeran and Nirphiria. Saya is the creator of the Regios world which is like part of her body. Eyeran had turned himself into the Moon of the Regios verse. Lastly, Nirphiria is the strongest Mutant who can casually devour a good chunk of the Earth while also consuming 2 billion souls in the process.

In conclusion, the verse is easily above the likes of the Power 6.

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