Name: Scion, Zion
Origin: Worm
Gender: None, appears male
Classification: Projection of an Entity | Multi-dimensional lifeform
Age: Likely millions of years
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength and durability, flight, energy blasts, enhanced senses (perceives the world in a not fully explained fashion; seems to have omnidirectional, multi-universal awareness, though it limits itself to Earth), dimensional and spatial manipulation, cross-universal travel, healing (Simple exposure to him healed a man's cancer as if it were never there and his golden light removed effects from hard radiation in the matter of seconds; similar to Panacea's near, if not outright perfect control over biological systems), immortality (Type 3), regeneration (Low-Godly), matter and energy manipulation, reality warping, teleportation, precognition (not true precognition since all forms of his precog are based on pretty much flawlessly simulating the entirety of the multiverse; e.g. Path to Victory) | Every single power in Worm, except for those specific to Eden, including vastly more forms of reality warping, manipulation of dimensions, matter, energy, gravity and time, further examples include: reactive evolution, telekinesis, mindfuck (overall trillions upon trillions of different powersets)
Weaknesses: Is arrogant (plays with this opponents) and extremely cruel; Everything he does drains his energy resources (those are large, though)
Destructive Capacity: Continent level+ (has been reported to have repeatedly shattered/obliterated continents all over alternative Earths), conceivably planet level+ if he wanted to (though, that would drain his resources) | At least multi planet level+ (To launch themselves into space, the Entities of the First Cycle destroyed every single habitable version of their home-planet); depending on interpretation, that feat might have ranged up to massively multiversal levels on an extreme high end; actual power is somewhere between that
Range: Thousands of miles | More, by an unquantifiable amount
Speed: Massively hypersonic (circled the planet twice in a few minutes) | About 312,5c, depending on interpretation
Durability: The projection only has about ~building level durability, but even attacks orders of magnitudes above that don't harm Scion; to actually kill him you'll have to either breach the universe he is in and kill the actual body or starve him| Large planet to small star level (Eden noted they would dwarf Earth upon arrival), similar case as in Base, as its body is strewn about in multiple universes
Lifting Strength: About Class 100; lifted the Behemoth effortlessly hundreds of feet above the ground | Unquantifiable
Striking Strength: Class MJ to GJ | Unquantifiable
Stamina: Extremely high
Standard Equipment: None
Intelligence: Barely any intelligence of his own; let's himself be guided by Path to Victory and other precog and Thinker powers
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Sting: Same ability as Foil, only unrestricted (unquantifiable so, though). Can imbue things (maybe himself?) with reality defying powers that reject physical laws and ignore conventional durability. Apparently multi-universal reach as the power unfolds into all realities in existence.

Stilling: Stops things in motion, cell and neural activity stops, temperature decreases. Can stop floodwaters in place and was likely used to quell a volcanic eruption, once (exact method of doing so was never clarified, though). Is trivial for him to pull off.

Path To Victory: Same as Contessa's ability. Provides him with a step-to-step plan that leads him to certain victory, as long as victory in any conceivable form is possible. Can also be used in social combat (made one opponent resign with four words). Is, relatively, power-consuming, though that doesn't mean anything in vs. matches.

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Key: Base | End of the Cycle