♪ The Sin of Greed ♪


Name: Ban, epithet "Undead" and (when he was younger) "Bandit"
Origin: Nanatsu no Taizai
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Immortal, Fox's Sin of Greed, Member of Seven Deadly Sins
Age: Hundreds of years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strengthspeeddurability, agility, stamina, immortality (type 3), regeneration (low-high), skilled hand-to-hand fighter, can "snatch" physical object (gaining some form of control over them), can rob a victim of their physical ability and add it to his own, nigh-immunity to poison, can completely mask his presence to point where it's like he's invisible (Merascylla didn't even realize that Ban had his hands around her neck when he snapped it)
Weaknesses: Hunter Festival leaves him completely immobile for a while after using it and even significantly slows down his regeneration, higher levels of regeneration require an unknown amount of time (Estarossa completely destroyed Ban's body but he later showed up again in the story)
Destructive Capacity: City level (his arm wrestle with Meliodas destroyed Bustee Dungeon, and is comparable to Diane) | Island level (landed several hits on Galan and later could even break Merascylla's neck, Ban gained a power level at least comparable to base Galan) | Small country level (despite losing his immortality, he became strong enough to fight against Demon King Meliodas)
Range: A few meters with his three-section staff, a few hundred meters with Snatch (stole a heart of a demon some hundred meters away when he was younger), dozens of meters with Hunter Festival
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (can swiftly evade attacks from King and keep up with Meliodas) | Massively hypersonic+ (can keep up with Galan) | Massively hypersonic+ (far faster than Galan at this point)
Durability: City level (he can survive attacks up to at least this level via his regeneration) | Island level via powerscaling | Small country level (can take hits from Demon King Meliodas)
Lifting Strength: Class G+ (physically on par with sealed Meliodas) | At least Class G+ | At least Class G+, likely higher
Striking Strength: Class PJ (knocked back Merascylla) | Class EJ (can knock around a base Galan) | Class ZJ (can trade blows with Demon King Meliodas)
Stamina: Vastly superhuman+, likely limitless (his regeneration further compliments his stamina)
Standard Equipment: His three-section staff (it has blades on it)
Intelligence: Skilled fighter, very adept thief
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Snatch: Ban can "snatch" physical objects and the abilities of other creatures without making any direct contact with his target When he concentrates on an object to rob it, he seems to gain some form of telekinetic control over it, enabling him to pull it toward himself. He has also demonstrated the capacity to "snatch" the heart of a creature, which seemed to instantly appear in his hands.

  • Physical Hunt: Ban uses his ability to steal the physical ability of his target, simultaneously weakening the victim and strengthening himself. Depending on how strong the target is, it can take a while for Ban to absorb everything.
Ban using Physical Hunt


- Hunter Festival: Ban can steal the physical ability from every living creature within a 30-meter radius making himself much stronger. This ability, however, has an unknown time limit.

- Banishing Kill:  Ban flips upside down and spins midair with his three-section staff. He then extends them all that way and slashes his opponent.

- Assault Hunt: Ban dashes forward and whips his three-section staff around his body and decapitates several targets.

- Zero Sign: Ban can completely mask his presence to the point where it's like he's invisible. It's so potent that not a single Ten Commandment could sense him, not even Monspiet who was capable of sensing several characters from several hundred kilometers away.

Ban using Zero Sign

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Ban after using Hunter Festival


Key: Base | Amped (Hunter Festival) | Post-Purgatory Quest